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    Apple CEO Tim Cook will be speaking at a Senate hearing to talk about Apple's $100 billion cash that it has overseas, about two-thirds of its total cash hoard $100 billion that Apple doesn't pay US taxes on. In an interview with Politico, Cook has been quoted saying Apple does not funnel domestic profits overseas. He also revealed new plans for the US manufacture of a computer more specifically, a new version of a current Mac product. Speculation abounds as to what this current product may be, but the smart money is on the Mac Pro.

    Boy Genius Report are, uh, reporting that the iPhone 5S will feature a big internal overhaul, and they've got the part leaks to prove it. A faster processor and a better camera are a given at this point, and BGR's photos of the new vibrate motor, redesigned speaker bracket, and a new Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon substantiate those claims somewhat. Plus, their images of different coloured SIM card trays seems to suggest the iPhone 5S will be available in a variety of colours.

    That fingerprint sensor people seem to be clamouring over for inclusion in the new iPhone? You might as well include it, because a PayPal exec has confirmed the existence of rumours that a phone manufacturer in California will be releasing a smartphone with a fingerprint reader on it. There's a good chance that smartphone manufacturer could be Apple, if only because flagship devices from the other manufacturers have already shipped.

    Sharp is all set to release IGZO displays with the highest pixel density yet, which could mean we'll see them in the next round of MacBook Pro updates. More interestingly, Sharp has an 11-inch, 2560x1400-pixel display all lined up Retina MacBook Air, anyone? IGZO tech makes the display thinner than normal, perfect for inclusion in the MacBook Air. Sadly, they don't have an appropriate panel for the 13-inch model but theoretically, there's nothing stopping Apple from improvising the current 13-inch Retina display into the MacBook Air.

    Apple has released iTunes 11.0.3 with a few small improvements. There's an updated MiniPlayer that shows album art and a song progress bar. Other improvements also include an panel for App updates, and support for AppleScript control of AirPlay devices *along with the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, I'm sure.

    Apple has also released the MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0 for the mid 2012 MacBook Air. The tiny 1.69MB update addresses "a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause a system to fail to recover from crash".

    Featuring some choice quotes from various app developers, 13 things you must know when starting out in iOS/Mac development gives a few good tips for the individuals who are planning to step into the world of app development. Or there's also the One More Thing iOS developer conference, which is happening again this year *next week, in fact. Tickets are still available, if you're interested.

    Intel may be the king of the desktop processor world, but there's no denying they missed the boat when it comes to mobile devices. Now outgoing CEO Paul Otellini is saying they could have been on that gravy train, but he personally turned down the chance for Intel chips to be in the original iPhone, and along with it, the chance for some mega bucks and a foot in the door for mobile processors.

    Apple announced their 50 billionth download yesterday, and the app was the OK Go Say the Same Thing app that I told you about earlier this week. Evidently Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio doesn't care about how the app is ruined by in-app purchases (or maybe he does now that he's played it), but either way $10,000 would buy you some nice bananas, the virtual currency of choice for that app.

    Macworld has a guide on installing Linux on your 68K Mac. Some from the vintage Apple section of the forums would see it as heresy, but it might also be a fun weekend project if you're lacking the appropriate Mac OS install media.
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