• Tuesday Morning News

    Bill Gates was interviewed on 60 Minutes recently, and when the conversation turned towards Steve Jobs, the richest man in the world got a little teary. Gates said himself and Jobs practically grew up together, and his last conversation with Jobs wasn't melancholy, but rather forward-looking, such as how they had failed to change education with technology.

    The French have this crazy idea that they'll tax any internet-capable device, all in an attempt to preserve their "cultural products". The proposed culture tax will mean that Apple devices will also be affected, and the proceeds from the 1% tax will go towards funding French cultural projects and products.

    The New York Attorney General has pressed Apple and Google for an answer to the rising rate of smartphone thefts. Thefts of smartphones have risen 40% in The Big Apple since last year, and now the Attorney General wants to know what Apple and Google are doing to help stem the tide. I'm with The Loop's Jim Dalrymple on this one: it's not as if the companies can make their devices less appealing to steal, or anything.

    The entirety of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories is now available to steam for free via iTunes, ahead of the official release later this week. You can't skip tracks or listen to them individually as the stream is presented as one long track. This isn't the first time Apple has done the free album streaming, with the previous offering being David Bowie's latest album.

    Camera+ has a comparison between all six generations of iPhone cameras. Every iPhone was put to the test in a number of comparison shots showing how well each camera handled macro, detail, sharpness, and noise performance. Suffice to say, the fixed-focus of the iPhone and iPhone 3G weren't doing it any favours, but we've come a long way since then.

    An update to the 1Password app for iOS has improvements across the board. The new password-filling animation from the desktop version has made its way to the iOS version, you can now generate passwords within the built-in browser, and more.

    You don't need an app like PDF Expert to be able to highlight and annotate PDF documents on your iPad or iPhone. IBooks can actually do the same thing *you can highlight and annotate both books and PDFs, and iMore has the guide to show you how.

    IOS 7 must be a big change from previous versions of the mobile operating system, if not for the mere fact that we've progressed to much more than just one app at a time. The biggest strength of iOS might well become its downfall, and with the App Store encroaching on a million apps sooner rather than later, why are we still limited to one app at a time? The Mac Observer breaks it down.

    Your single-serving Tumblr blog of the day is I Don't Want Your Fucking App. More and more websites ares pestering users to download their app instead of just using the website, and, well, it's pretty self explanatory, really.

    And last but not least, doesn't an accessory like the MagStay go against the very purpose for which the MagSafe connector was designed for? The way I see it, the MagStay just seems like a $20 piece of plastic that reduces the functionality of your MagSAfe connector. Plus, I'm sure you could use a 3D printer to just print your own.
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