• The DODOcase HARDcover Classic, Durables Sleeve, & BOOKback Review

    Durables Sleeve, & BOOKback Review

    Today weíre going to be looking at several products from DODOcase. They popped into existence back in April 2010 at around the launch of the original iPad. The first case they released combined the style of an old book or Moleskine Notebook with the new tech of an iPad. Since then, theyíve expanded their line to include a number of hard cases & covers for iPads, iPad minis, iPhones, & varioius Android devices.

    I was first exposed to DODOcase in 2010 when the original iPad launched. I didn't even have an iPad then but I still wanted their case. I even pre-ordered it before I had any notion of getting an iPad (There were several month waits for one at that point).

    A hand carved piece of bamboo holds the iPad firmly in place which is then attached to a cover made using traditional book binding techniques. A quick word on their quality, Iíve owned my original DODOcase for the past three years and itís still going strong protecting my iPad 1.

    What can I say about the Durables Sleeve for iPad? Its outer case is made from a waxed canvas which gives a really nice feel in your hand and is lined with a soft felt interior to ensure that your iPad travels in comfort. There is a small leather accent in the middle on side with a DODOcase logo pressed in. Itís the little touches that make this case worth your interest. It is designed for people who like to use their iPads naked; no bulky, overprotective cases here. In saying that, there is enough room in the sleeve for you to be able to slide your iPad in with an Apple Smart Cover attached if you so desire.

    The only pitfall Iíve discovered with the Durables Sleeve is that there is no mechanism to securely hold the iPad inside it. This is good for being able to slide the iPad out easily but still poses a problem if you weren't careful when picking up the case and it fell out. I think that the sleeve would be more than tight enough to hold you iPad in if you had a Smart Cover attached.

    I really like the feel of using an iPad naked but wanted a way to protect the back of the device without adding any extra bulk. Initially I was thinking of using one of those clear stick on covers but then discovered the BOOKback for iPad. The BOOKback combines the same Moroccan material that covers the DODOcase with a reusable, peel & stick adhesive. It adds an extra bit of personality & protection to your iPad without weighing you down.

    The only downside with BOOKback presents itself if your iPad is engraved like mine is. I took the personality of the BOOKback one step further by slicing out a small section to expose this engraving as I really wanted to be able to see the engraving all the time.

    If you like your gadgets to travel in style, you should definitely add DODOcase to your shortlist. Their products arenít cheap but they are really worth it. In saying that, I did manage to snag my Durables Sleeve and BOOKback during their one-day only 48% off sale .

    James Smith.

    HARDcover Classic

    I've been a big fan of the Dodocase brand for years now, but had not pulled the trigger on a case from them until a few weeks ago. The original Dodocase, while beautiful, added just a bit too much bulk to the iPad for me. I loved the idea behind it though, making the Glass and Aluminium iPad into a comfortable, intimate device. Because my iPad is the computer i curl up with on the couch, or under a doona, it feels like it should be a little more cosy and intimate.

    The Hardcover has all the beauty of the original Dodocase with none of the bulk. The size is reduced by the way the iPad is held in place - on the original Dodo, theres a little bamboo tray you slot the iPad in to. With the Hardcover, you attach the iPad to the case with two little adhesive strips. The grip, once it takes hold, is super strong, and while Dodo assure me you can remove the iPad with no damage to the case or iPad, i haven't tried that yet. I'm totally in love with this case and I don't want to ruin it.

    The downside to losing the bamboo tray is there is little protection to the sides of the iPad from this cover. This is not something I'm concerned with, my iPad lives in a padded bag most the day - and the Hardcover gives damn sight more protection than Apple's Smart covers. Still, it could be a concern to iPad owners with kids.

    Dodo say the Hardcover can be used in "Perch and Type" modes - i.e, as a stand for viewing and a raised angle for typing. For me, neither of these angles work - the Perch angle is too damn vertical for comfortable viewing, while the Type angle is too damn horizontal. Again, I don't really care though - I've been happily using the type angle with my iPhone wedged into the case for added lift - and I'm sure I'll work out some Macguyer way of getting Perch mode working when i need it. The angles couldn't be improved without bulking up the Dodocase, and I'm glad they kept it as thin as possible.

    Where the Hardcover shines, of course, is in the hand. The feel of the case is just wonderful, like a lovely old book, and makes longer stints holding the iPad very comfortable. The adhesive holds the iPad firmly, I've never worried about it slipping out. My Hardcover is just two weeks old, so it hasn't had a chance to age yet, but I've got the feeling it'll just feel better over time, the more worn down it gets.

    Overall, the Hardcover is my all-time favourite case for my all-time favourite iPad. Its just the perfect little companion for the iPad mini. Light, thin, and beautiful. If you use an iPad mini mainly for reading, whether it be Flipboard, newspapers, ebooks or Twitter, you'll really love your iPad safe and snug inside a Hardcover.

    As a side note, I ordered my case with regular old slow-as-buggery shipping, and it still only took 4 business days to make it from San Francisco to Sydney. Your milage may vary.

    The Dodocase Hardcover is $34.99 USD plus shipping.

    Peter Wells.
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