• Match made in heaven: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and my iPad 2

    Iíve had a love/hate relationship with my iPad ever since its sleek, cool aluminium posterior first slid across my desk at work as a trial unit before I got lobbed with rolling a stack of them out to all the sales staff (my computer that I do graphic design on has a giant Apple logo on the back, so that automatically qualified me to be the companyís in-house Apple IT expert ...). Iíd seen them advertised and Iíd seen them in the metal on display at Dickheadís, JB and in the Apple Store. And I have to say I wasnít keen. My iPhone did everything I needed to do while away from my Mac, so I didnít really see the point. To me, the iPad was always going to be a compromise.

    Iíve used various covers and stands, each one never quite feeling right. The nice thin ones (such as Appleís own smart cover) helped to keep the thin profile which is so appealing about the iPad, but theyíd more-often-than-not offer little-to-no protection for the screenóand would be flimsy or useless for propping up the iPad on anything other than a perfectly flat table. The beefier covers, such as the Targus 360 one I used for many months, protects the unit and does an okay job at propping the iPad up on an angle ... but it was heavy, bulky, and for me just ruined the whole experience of using an iPad.

    I now do a lot of typing for work, my own business and of course, for MacTalk. The onscreen keyboard is a clever solution for a handheld device for doing small amounts of typing, but it just doesnít cut it when doing more than a paragraph or two. Add to this the fact that without some kind of case to prop the iPad up on a slight angle, typing on the on-screen keyboard is basically a chore. Not to mention that half the screen is taken up with the on-screen keys.

    Iíve been writing for MacTalk a little over seven months now, and I find it kind of amusing that the very first line of my very first article was this: ĎThe Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad has sparked a debate in my mind about what the iPad is and why we are constantly trying to turn it into something that itís not.í This was just after Jonathan posted his review of that very keyboard coveróthe keyboard cover that I have just last week, purchased for myself. And Iím in love.

    Logitech is one of those funny companies that sometimes produces really cheap rubbish, yet at other times delivers absolute pearler products that bely their retail price. This is one of those times. It has literally turned my iPad that Iíd dismissed as a fancy content consuming device, into a hard working, proper work machine for creating written content, managing Facebook and Google+ pages, writing and answering business emails, and much more. I never thought adding one accessory would change the way I used a device so dramatically as this.

    I wonít go through all the features as Jonathan has a comprehensive review here.

    The design is so sleek and well thought out, if youíd never seen an iPad before and you saw the keyboard and iPad together, youíd have just assumed thatís how it came out of the box. I really does suit the iPad that well, from both a design and functionality point-of-view. It feels nice to hold when itís closed up, and yet itís so easy to plonk the iPad into the keyboard slot and start typing away. When I donít need to use the keyboard I simply pick the iPad up out of the cover, and walk away with the naked device. Just how I like it: naked.

    My wife and dogs are also relieved. Many times Iíve startled my lovely other half and caused the dog to nearly piss himself, as Iíve yelled and cursed at the ridiculous predicament of balancing the iPad up on my lap in a third party cover while trying to simultaneously type on an Apple bluetooth keyboardówhich would also be floating around on my lap. With the new cover, the iPad acts just like a mini notebook computer, happily sitting on my lap as I type away without a worry in the world. Iíve even stopped threatening to throw the iPad down our back stairs if it didnít stop sliding off my lap.

    So, not really a review as such today, but more of a personal experience with a truly great product. Itís changed the way I use my iPad, so much so that I now opt to grab the iPad to sit and write with over starting up the iMacóthe complete opposite of what I used to do. Iím just so surprised and delighted at how well the Logitech and iPad work and fit together ... I just had to share.

    RRP $99.95 at the Apple Store

    Ben is marketing communications manager for Britax Automotive Equipment. He also owns and runs his own creative company called Evocative (www.evocative.cc) that does graphic design, photography and creative writing. Holding an Honours Degree in Design majoring in Corporate Identity, Ben has over ten years commercial experienceómost of which was achieved using a Mac. He's also into technology, audio gear, drums, music, cars and coffee.

    ē Follow Ben on Twitter @BenJohnston_ or on Google+
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