• A List of The Best Jailbreaking Tweaks For iOS

    Whenever a new Jailbreak comes out for iOS, people ask us here and on Twitter "is it worth it?". It's a hard question to answer - the current Jailbreaking method with evasi0n is one of the simplest so far, so there's very little risk of "bricking" your iPhone or iPad. But when Apple close those current exploits, and they will, you'll be left deciding whether you want to update your phone, or keep your Jailbreak.

    But if you are willing to jailbreak, members Zac ( twitter | blog ) and Toby ( twitter | blog ) have put together a great list of the best tweaks they've found out there. Reading this list, I'm damn tempted to take evasi0n for a spin.

    Zac's List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Auxo - Re-imagined multi-tasking bar with app previews. Also with quick access to shortcuts like bluetooth, wifi, etc.

    Auxo NCLike - Much nicer theme for Auxo

    Bolt - Hide the battery save for a bolt when charging. Keeps the percentage indicator.

    Blackout - Force black status bars

    BrowserChooser - Allows you to use Chrome as default

    ChargingBackground - Hide the battery and or show wallpaper when charging

    F.lux - Adjust the hue of the screen to make it easier to read before bedtime essentially. From the same makers of the well loved Mac App.

    Forecast - Display weather on the lock screen

    iFix Brightness - Fixes a brightness bug in Cydia after a respring

    LandscapeVideos - Force videos to always play in landscape, no need to unlock the phone and rotate.

    LiveClock - Makes the clock icon update in real time

    MapsOpener - Open Google Maps app by default over Apple Apps

    NoCamSound - Because I hate the fake shutter sound

    Openother - I use this to open Fantastical when clicking the Calendar icon using this hack. Advantage is you still get the live icon showing the date on your home screen.

    Springtomize 2 - I used this to hide the dock and also the AM/PM on the time from status bar

    Unfold - A new way to unlock your screen, with a concertina fold

    Zeppelin - Hide / edit the carrier info.

    Toby followed up on his own blog:

    I'm using many of these, as well as a few others:

    AnyLockApp: lets me open Camera+ from the lockscreen grabber rather than the stock Camera app.

    Australian Bom Weather+: uses Bureau of Meteorology data for the stock Weather app (and Forecast) rather than unreliable Yahoo! data.

    BiteSMS: the best SMS app.

    BTNotificationEnabler: funnels all app notifications via Bluetooth (for my Pebble).

    FullForce for Phone: intelligently forces apps to use the whole screen on iPhone 5.

    Infinifolders: unlimited folder sizes.

    Jaku: I'm not much for themes usually but this one is just beautiful.

    LockInfo 5: what the stock lockscreen should be.

    PasswordPilot Pro: automatically fills your Apple ID password for purchases.

    SpringFlash: double-click the power button to turn the LED off or on.

    Thanks to both lads for allowing me to republish their lists here. Have you found any other must have tweaks?
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