• Moshi iVisor for iPhone 5

    When I got the Moshi iVisor I was disappointed. When I say disappointed, I mean extremely disappointed, just not in the way you think.

    My disappointment stems from the years of frustration trying to get bubbles out from screen protectors on a variety of iPads and iPhones, most of which had to be done twice because my wife has this idea that anything tech related automatically falls into the "husband" category. This frustration meant having to try to put the cover on in a completely lint free environment because no sooner had you cleaned the screen, a spec of dust or random piece of lint mysteriously appeared under the screen protector a Nano second before you applied it to the screen as if Darth Vader himself was trying to torment you.

    I've had Moshi accessories before, they generally produce very good accessories and my Moshi Codex was outstanding. How I managed to miss this little purchase is a mystery though. It's the easiest bubble free screen application I've encountered in my life and the only tough part is trying to align it with your device. This review originally stemmed from a trial on my iPad Mini, largely as a result of a previous screen protector application that looked like a 13 year old with Acne. Having tested the iPad Mini version, I prompted went out and purchased iPhone 5 versions for both my wife and myself.

    The Moshi iVisor is actually a relatively simple concept and once you understand how it works, it's easy to see how they guarantee it as bubble free. Most screen protectors have the sticky part across the entire protector. With the Moshi, it's only sticky on the black border. It's such a simple concept it makes you wonder how we've managed to go through years of them without someone thinking of it earlier. The black border ensures that you don't see any dirt under the sticky part where it does stick (and this obviously doesn't cover any of the visible screen) and they have a white version for white iPhones as well.

    From a quality perspective, it is a premium product. It doesn't feel like a thin cheap piece of plastic you normally associate with a screen protector, it's probably twice or three times as thick. The sizing is spot on and I had no problems aligning with my phone. The other advantage this offers is the ability to wash and clean, so if you don't get it right, or need to take it off and move it to another phone, it is washable which extends the life of the product. I've had mine on for about a week with a couple of knocks and I've had no visible scratches on the cover although itís not to say its completely scratch proof.

    The product comes in the usual style of packing you find with these types of protectors, with the exception that instead of the usual cleaning wipe, you just get a circular microfiber cleaning cloth. It's a little small but still does the job. At the price they charge, it would be good to include a wet cleaning wipe as well but you can get away with a simple wet wipe. Once applied, it literally is bubble free. No scraping cards to get bubbles out, no frustration and if you get the alignment wrong, it's easy to pull off and reapply.

    There are a couple of negatives with the Moshi iVisor. Price is the first issue. The Moshi iVisor has a retail price of $25 which is pretty expensive compared to the $8-$15 standard screen protectors which also come with 2 pieces allowing you to cover two phones with a single package. $25 may not seem too bad but when you start going to iPad territory, it drives the price up quite drastically at $59 RRP (although realistically you can get them for $45 if you look around), which is quite heavy on the wallet. It's a cost worth paying compared to the competition, which are otherwise ordinary, but it still doesn't detract from the fact that this cover probably costs a dollar or two to make.

    The second negative is the thickness. With most screen protectors you won't notice anything when you push your home button, but with the Moshi iVisor, you can feel it when you push your home button due to thickness. It doesn't affect the actual home button use but it may annoy some users until they get used to it.

    Other than that, this definitely is the Rolls Royce of screen protectors. It's simply a grade above the rest and one I'd recommend if funds allow.

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    Athol Hill is the Practice Lead for Stonebridge Systems , an SAP & OpenText implementation partner specialising in web and content management implementations and strategy.

    He is a certified SAP and Project Management Professional with a large number of implementations spanning the globe including Australasia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. When he isn't kitesurfing or spending time with his family, Athol writes part time for Mactalk on a range of subjects including iOS/OSX in the workplace, bleeding edge, product reviews and anything Mac. If you have something new and exciting to review, feel free to get in touch. He can be contacted via twitter on @themissionman or email on athol.hill@mactalk.com.au. Opinions noted here are Athol's own and aren't any official policy of position of his employer.
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