• Going Legit With Your TV Shows and Movies

    If the words NZBmatrix and Newzbin sound familiar to you, you'll know why this article was written. These two sites were shut down recently and it's made me assess if it's worth trying to go legit with my TV show and movie consumption. It used to be easy, once you set up sabnzbd, sickbeard and couchpotato, just sit back and watch the TV shows and movies roll in, but it's a little bit more difficult now. The underground is reassembling and will probably get back to the way it was eventually, but still, are things better now, maybe even to the point where I don't need to bother with Usenet or BitTorrent (ugh) for getting TV shows and movies?

    For movies, it's actually really, really easy just to buy an Apple TV and keep it stocked up with US iTunes credit (make a US iTunes account via this method). There's pretty much every movie you could ever want to see there. For only $5 (or less) per HD rental, it's good value I reckon, particularly considering the movies are now in 1080p if you have one of the new Apple TV units.

    There's also Netflix on the Apple TV, if you prefer a subscription sort of thing (and it includes TV shows). It requires using a VPN or DNS re-reouting service, which tricks your Apple TV into thinking it's from the USA, as Netflix is geoblocked and only works for US connections. I lik eusing Unblock Us Unblock Us - smarter faster VPN , which uses DNS trickery to enable Netflix. Netflix is in 1080p HD too, but you require a pretty speedy Internet connection and many Australian homes may not have a connection fast enough.

    For TV shows, it's a little trickier, as there's nowhere with everything in the one spot and what you can use depends on what you like to watch. For things that have stopped airing (e.g: cancelled or ended), just go to Amazon.co.uk and buy them on Bluray (UK has the same region code as Australaia) or if the series you wanna watch is only on DVD, fire up your region free DVD player and visit Amazon.com

    For series currently showing, Foxtel has upped their game significantly in the past year, broadcasting many TV shows the same day as they're shown in the USA, in HD, and commercial free if that's how they were shown in the US (like on AMC or HBO). You'd probably be surprised what is "fast tracked" here. Out of the 18 shows I watch regularly and are still broadcast, only two (The US Office and Peep Show from the UK) were not shown within a week of airing in the USA or UK. Sure, it costs a fair bit ($71 for the basics + showcase, which is where a lot of the good TV shows are + extra for them HD), but you also get a lot of other channels, and if you're into AFL, well, it's pretty awesome to have every game live and in HD, with no ads.

    So, as long as you're willing to spend a bit of money (which, like, is good, as the people who make this stuff we like, need us to pay for them in order for them to make more), you *can* get the latest TV shows and movies in Australia, legitimately and relatively quickly, without having to resort to illegal downloads. In an ideal world, we would simply be able to download an app for our Apple TV and get everything on demand, a la carte, witout geoblocking, but that isn't going to happen
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