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    People *hate* buying me Christmas gifts. I'm that a who buys whatever he likes throughout the year and uses Christmas as an excuse to gorge on ham and Appletiser, rather than presents. These are some of the things I got myself throughout the year that I love, so if you have to buy a gift for a picky nerd - check if he or she hasn't already got this stuff and if they don't, buy it for them!

    Ardunio Experimenter's Kit

    Remember those Dick Smith kits you probably made as a kid? Well this is that, but way cooler. Arduino is basically a programmable microprocessor that lets you do all sorts of cool stuff with electronics and interfacing that with a computer and the Internet and all sorts of stuff that will blow your mind. If you know anyone even remotely interested in technology beyond "lol i have an iphone im such a nerdddddd", they'll get a kick out of this Ardunio Experimenter's kit, which includes a bunch of components and projects to get your feet wet with Ardunio.

    It's $90 off the Freetronics website, or you can pick one up from Jaycar.

    Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo

    My worst nightmare is a flat iPhone or iPad battery and still having to be outside for multiple hours. This could result in having to talk to people and I don't like that unless it's totally necessary. If I plan to be out of my house for more than 5 hours, I take an external battery with me. The mophie juice pack powerstation duo is my battery of choice, and trust me, I've tried about a dozen similar spec ones from eBay & DealExtreme and they have nothing on the mophie. It charges faster, lasts longer, doesn't get blazing hot and I don't live in fear it will explode in my backpack or pocket (and hence, I lose my balls, no thanks). This one has two ports, so you can charge your iPhone and iPad or two iPhones, or two iPads, or two of anything that use USB really. It's $110 from the Apple Store.

    Sony RX100 Digital Camera

    Even if you've got a pimpin' DSLR with sweet lenses and shit, nothing beats the convieneicence of a pocket camera. Sometimes bringing out the 70-200 just isn't appropriate, lest you feel like a wanker. That's why you buy a Sony RX-100. It has a 1" sensor, which is massive on a camera this size. Bigger sensor (generally) equals better pictures. It shoots raw, it has manual controls, has a sharp zoom lens, it fits in a pocket. What more do you want?

    DP Review loves it: "The RX100 is probably the most capable compact camera on the market today, combining the image quality benefits of a mid-sized sensor with the proportions of a conventional compact. "

    The Luminous Landscape loves it: "Capable of producing DSLR grade images, it's hard to find much to fault with this small pocket wonder."

    And that's all you need to know - goes for around $750 at your local JB Hi-Fi.
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