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    The Absolute Sandman: Volume 2

    Let me get this out of the way straight off the bat; the Sandman is one of my favourite pieces of literature ever. Written by Neil Gaiman in the 90's, it's a graphic novel about 7 characters called the Endless; but really? It's about birth, life, death, gods & dreaming.

    I was lucky enough to get Volume 1 for Christmas last year. This year number 2 is on the list. The Absolute collections feature new colouring, and some new extra material, but they're these beautiful big imposing books. Lovely.

    (Image: Absolute Sandman by Steel Wool)

    Small World: Be Not Afraid Expansion Pack

    I'm having a great time playing me some board games these days. This Be Not Afraid expansion pack for Small World features 5 new races (Barbarians, Homunculi, Pixies, Pygmies, & Leprechauns), and 5 new special powers.

    Oh man, can you even imagine if you got Underworld Pixies as a race/power combo? Or Barbarian Bezerkers? That shit cray.

    Doxie One

    I use Evernote quite a bit these days, and I've also started my own business this year. Apparently running a business means you get flooded with bits of paper with important things on them. I need to be able to store & retrieve said bits of paper.

    The Doxie One is a handsome portable scanner. It stores its scans on an included SD card, so it can travel with you. It can also scan anything from A4-paper down to business card sizes. The Doxie software also ties into Dropbox or Evernote, & it has both Mac & iOS apps. Booya.

    Planetary Design Airscape

    The Planetary Design Airscape is a big container that's totally airtight. It has a second inner lid with a one-way valve on it, so you can push it down and force the air completely out of the container. I want to put coffee beans in it, so my beans stay fresher for longer. Check it out:

    Pretty smart, right?


    I've said it once, I'll say it again; the best way for men to carry their stuff around is clearly documented in this article I wrote last year. This system is flawless, endless and timeless. However, I'd like to try replacing my carabiner with something a bit more... classy.

    This hand-machined, stainless-steel KeySquare keychain looks to fit my bill pretty well. I also sometimes hang my key out of my pocket while walking to my apartment if I've got my arms full of grocery shopping. This key chain gives me a way to do that securely. Plus it's also a bottle opener, but it doesn't look like one.

    James Croft runs Go Make, a business helping education with technology in a post-PC world. He's on Twitter, Google+ & even LinkedIn from time to time.
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