• App Review: Fantastical for iPhone

    First up, a disclaimer: I'm not a big calendar user. I don't live and die by my scheduling, but for many people, the calendar on their iPhone is the most important thing on there. The basic calendar app included with iOS is okay, but if you're a hardcore calendar user, then you should really take a look at Fantastical, which is great on the Mac and is now on iOS!

    The premise of Fantastical is to give you a quick overview of what you've got coming up. The DayTicker up the top is a nice way of seeing a few days ahead and if you need to see more, just pull down on the DayTicker to reveal the entire month, then pull down again to go back to the DayTicker view. It's a fantastic way of navigating a calendar.

    Adding in events is fast - just hold down on a date, enter in the name of the event and a time "e.g: leave at 3pm" and there you go, the event is in.

    I also like the fact there's a Tips & Tricks section in the settings of the app. Too many apps leave you to tap and swipe around to guess how it works, but Fantastical has all the neat features summarised in an easy to read webpage, within the app itself.

    Of course, Fantastical syncs with the main iOS calendar (think of Fantastical as a nicer front end to the iOS calendar), so all your existing data continues to work the way it does now, with Exchange, or Google or iCloud.

    The Mac version of Fantastical has a cult following, so if you're a fan of it there, you'll love it on iOS and grabbing it is a no-brainer. If you've never used Fantastical, and use your calendar frequently, check it out - you'll appreciate the speed of checking and entering events into the calendar, compared to the default calendar app. It's available now for $1.99 and the Mac version is also on sale too.
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