• Friday Morning iTunes News

    Yes, iTunes 11 is finally here. The redesigned, album-focused interface you've all been waiting for, some nice new features including better iCloud support, a new trick that lets you redeem iTunes cards using the camera, and even that cute little MiniPlayer. If there's one thing we've learnt from this saga, it's that release dates and engineering issues aren't the best of friends.

    I've been looking for a new replacement for the default Calendar app on my iPhone for a while now, and Fantastical is that app. It comes with the same natural language event creation included in the Mac app, has a cool new DayTicker, and is easily the best Calendar apps on the iPhone. MacStories has the full review, and you can also check out the intro video on the Flexibits website to see what it can do.

    Apple's redeveloped Cupertino campus isn't the only one on the horizon: there's also that one in Sunnyvale, planned to open in 2016, and now there's another in Santa Clara. The Santa Clara campus makes three Apple locations, which kinda suggests Apple are looking to do some serious expansion within the next few years.

    Apple has released an update for the second and third-generation Apple TVs, but there's no real reason to go updating like your life depends on it or anything, because the update is likely just for iTunes 11 compatibility.

    TUAW has a great list of tips and tricks when you're setting up a new Mac with Mountain Lion. Their list includes things such as installing QuickTime Pro 7, doing some weird things with the hosts file, and installing all your basic apps.

    Tony Fadell is a former Apple exec that now works on thermostats, and he says Scott Forstall got what he deserved. But he's probably just sore because Scott Forstall cost him his job and he now makes thermostats, instead of working on the next big thing at Apple.

    The JBL OnBeat Micro is one of the first iPhone 5 speaker docks to feature a Lightning connector, but iLounge's first look preview isn't promising, saying the OnBeat Micro has "basic" speakers, and likely won't work with a lot of cases. Maybe there's something to be said for going with the AirPlay and/or Bluetooth streaming options for music, but I guess people have to have some kind of dock they can just plug their iPhone into, right?

    Joe Cieplinski says there's some kind of a disturbing trend towards assuming that an app's price has everything to do with its success, as discussed in a recent Realmac Software blog post. But here's the deal, he says: you're not Loren Brichter, and because of that, we can't just say Letterpress did well because it was free.

    Popular photo-sharing site 500px has released an update to their official iOS app which now adds iPhone support. The app was previously iPad-only, but now they've probably got the duo behind ISO500 working on the official app, following an acquisition just 9 days ago.

    And you can now create and edit spreadsheets in the mobile version of Google Drive. Cool.
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