• Thursday Morning News

    A few good pieces of news this morning, but before we get to that: it looks as though Australian iPad minis with LTE have finally started shipping from Apple. A few people in the forums are seeing delivery dates of December 3rd. Meanwhile, still no sign of iTunes 11 but on with the news!

    IStat Menus has long been one of the first apps I install on my Macs ever since I discovered it back in 2008, and now Bjango has released version 4. IStat Menus 4 has been completely redesigned, and now features Retina display support, history graphs for pretty much everything, and even upgrade pricing for current iStat Menus 3 users.

    It's one thing for DigiTimes to say the iPad mini and new iMac will be in short supply, but it's another to know this will be the case from Apple. Sadly, it seems as though DigiTimes is right this time around I'm guessing you'll have to look high and low for an iPad mini or new iMac this Christmas period, and perhaps even all the way into 2013.

    Apple's newly-appointed head of iOS Maps and Siri Eddy Cue is "racing" to improve Maps, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Good to know he hasn't been sitting around on his laurels and just seeing where the chips fall, because you can Google are working hard to release something (or just sitting on the sidelines, laughing, one of the two).

    The beta of OS X 10.8.3 released yesterday to developers contains drivers for Radeon 7000-series graphics cards, prompting speculation that the not-quite-dead Mac Pro will be updated in the future with new hardware. Call me a skeptic, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

    Apple has been awarded a patent on its EasyPay store payment technology, which apparently is unlike any other Retail experience you've ever had (unless you're in the habit of walking out without paying for your goods). The patent talks a little about bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping, and the ever-connectedness of the world we live in.

    Engadget has gone hands-on with Will.i.am's upcoming line of iPhone accessories to turn your smartphone into a "genius phone". The accessories themselves resemble some kind of bulky case, coming in a range of designs and complete with fold-out keyboard.

    When it comes to streaming music services, you've either got Rdio or Spotify. Rdio has recently updated its iOS client, and the redesign looks pretty slick. MacStories has the full review, showing off both iPhone and iPad interfaces, as well as just how white the entire interface is.

    David Chartier is sick of making excuses for some of OS X's bizarre behaviours and windowing idiosyncrasies, and as John Gruber pointed out, the difference between OS X and iOS is that visually, iOS puts changes front and centre. But isn't that what desktop computing is about? Things happening in the background all the time, moreso than it happens on iOS?

    The new iPad mini ad campaign is pretty cool, putting an actual-size iPad mini on the back of TIME magazine to show just how well the iPad mini delivers magazine content. There's a similar ad campaign on the back of The New Yorker, too.

    Speaking of ad campaigns, Microsoft's latest can only be described as out of the ordinary. Scroogled is the ad that tells you how Google stealthily swapped out your search results and put in paid ads instead for shopping related content, anyway.
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