• Mactalk Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Athol

    I'm a fan of all things beautiful and practical so my choices tend to stem down this line.

    First off, what Christmas guide would be complete without the latest Mac gear and therefore the iPad Mini is always going to be on some lists. The more affordable cost of only $369 makes it a no brainer for anyone who doesn't already have an iPad.

    Next on my list is the Thule Attache case, one of the most stylish and compact of laptop cases and still priced reasonably at $109 on the Apple Store. This case is the perfect size for anyone with a Macbook Pro, Air or Retina laptop and is available in both 13 and 15" variants. The added bonus of an iPad storage area means you don't have to sacrifice size for what you need to carry and the waterproof nature of the case should mean yesterday's type of downpour is less of a worry.

    If you know someone who has a dock that's redundant after their iPhone 5 upgrade then you may want to buy them the WaveJamr bluetooth audio receiver. It plugs into the old iPhone dock and send out bluetooth so you can connect with any device wirelessly.

    The BenQ GP2 is the ultimate gadget for the Apple fan who has everything. A mini project that weighs only half a kilo and still runs at 1600x1200. Its only 200 lumens so you will need a dark room but the LED lamp offers 20,000 hours of lamp life. The BenQ is available on the Apple store for a measly $699 if you have deep pockets or got a big Christmas bonus.

    The Cocoon Grid-IT is a great little accessory and comes in a more reasonable $25 if you're looking for a Kris Kringle gift for the Apple fan who has everything. It helps you sort all the dangly things sitting in your bag, and if you're anything like me, your bag is a mess.

    The last thing I'll look at today is something for the Mac gamers who inevitably are always ignored. Sure, they don't use PC's but they still need the toys. Nova Magic Feet is a simple concept. Ceramic mouse pad and ceramic feet on your mouse mean your mouse slides like it's on ice. $45 for a mouse pad may be a bit much to chew on for some, but not every mouse pad is going to give you this kind of performance.
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