• Wednesday Morning News

    Bloomberg reports Richard Williamson was fired from Apple this morning by Eddy Cue. Williamson had managerial oversight of the iOS 6 Maps team, and we all know how well that turned out. But more interestingly, this saga reveals two things: why didn't this firing happen earlier, such as when Forstall was outed? And perhaps more intriguingly: perhaps Maps was less Forstall's fault after all, and perhaps he was just a guy who was hard to work with.

    Now is kind of a weird time for buying an iMac, because stock in stores and online is few and far between. But there's good news, because Apple announced this morning they'll be shipping the redesigned thinner iMacs on November 30th the 21-inch models, anyway. You'll be able to order a 27-inch machine, but it won't ship until sometime in December. Now, if Apple could release a statement about iTunes 11 any day now, that would be swell.

    An internal Apple video documents the philosophy of the Apple Store. What date is was filmed is irrelevant to that fact that a few Apple execs describing what the Apple Store experience actually is, and why Apple Stores are different to other retail operations.

    Strong sales of the iPhone 5 have pushed it into first place in terms of US smartphone sales, says Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Apple's iOS platform now accounts for 48.1% of US smartphone sales, compared to Android's 47.6%.

    IMore poses the question: where are the international iPad minis with LTE? It's completely unfair people in the US have already received their LTE-equipped iPad minis when there are those of us that are stuck looking forlorn at our lonely iPad mini smart covers.

    Apple has been awarded a patent for the Siri microphone icon, and I'm once again reminded that Siri is still a beta product (much like Apple's Maps should have been). The official patent describes a single line drawing of a floating microphone surrounded by a bezeled circle, which sounds about right.

    Speaking of which, it's been quite a while since Forstall announced Siri's Eyes Free feature at WWDC earlier this year, and it's only now we're hearing about it being integrated into cars. Of course, these things take time to develop, which is probably why it's taken until now for General Motors to announce support in a few of their upcoming vehicles.

    There aren't many iPhone 5 docks around, but the Lunawake is unique because it also features a smart wake feature, as well as other smart features such as motion-sensing sleep tracking, ambient lights to simulate a sunrise, and support for home automation. It sounds nice and all, but I'm cautious of the fact it sounds like another Kickstarter with too much promise and not enough delivery.

    Wired continue their great, great series on the physics of Angry Birds by estimating the size of Bad Piggies. I love how they take something that's not-so-serious, apply some real maths and physics, and turn it into something educational certainly something more educational than flinging birds into pigs, anyway.

    And finally this morning, Time has some of the first ever Apple Computer photos. There's the Byte Shop you may have heard of, and an Apple I running some BASIC-like program.
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