• Mactalk Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Jonathan

    I'm going to use two lists for my Christmas gift guide folks - a sensible, practical, reasonable, affordable one, and a crazy, blue-sky dream one.


    Best gifts for kids - Tinkerbrick - the iPod touch case that works with Lego. For $33 you can encase an iPod touch as part of any lego-creation - my favourite is this X-wing fighter . Just wish they'd make versions for other iOS devices also.
    - Runner up after 12 months of solid use by my 4 now 5 year old is the $25 Disney Appmates Cars that you can drive around a virtual world on the iPad.

    Best gift for males - Smartphone lens set - $49 from PhotoJoJo will buy a man in your life this great lens set that suddenly adds a whole new use for their phone. The Macro lens in particular ($20 on its own) can inspire many hours of creativity and result in some stunning and unique photos.

    Best gift for females - This is a hard one - how to suggest something that won't land me in hot water? Here goes - Unicorn Hoodie - looks cute, has rainbow-coloured mane and a unicorn horn, what's not to love? http://canadacosplay.com/unicornhoodie.php
    - Ok I realise this choice is a big fail - that's why we need more female writers at Mactalk hint hint.

    (Lets be honest, these are all 'best gifts for me')

    Pebble - at US$150 now ($120 when I backed it on Kickstarter) this is not a Kris Kringle kind of Christmas gift in fact it won't even ship until early 2013. But this is the ultimate geek product - a smart watch that might actually integrate with my iPhone while being slim and good-looking. I haven't worn a watch since 2001, so choosing this is a big deal for me - thats how much I'm keen on the Pebble. http://getpebble.com/

    Scan-o-mat TopBrewer iPhone controlled coffee machine
    - This is so exclusive I couldn't even find a price - but who would not want a minimal Coffee machine that comes with its own app? It can even serve up juice and is designed to be all but invisible except for the dispensing nozzle. http://www.pelicanrouge.com.au/brand...mat/top-brewer

    SeV Fleece 7.0 Jacket - Scottevest have been making jackets with geek-minded pockets to store phones and gadgets for sometime now, and I've finally been converted to wanting one. The 23 pockets just scream 'book an overseas adventure holiday' while the dedicated iPad and smartphone slots give me permission to take my tech along for the ride (seriously would I go otherwise?). US$170 http://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/Fleece_7.shtml
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