• Tuesday Morning News

    Qantas are the second Australian airline to bring support for Passbook boarding passes. Users can follow the normal mobile check in process, and at the end they'll be given the option to add their boarding pass to Passbook colour coded to match your Qantas frequent flyer status.

    A piece linked from Daring Fireball yesterday points out that Microsoft has failed. The article might sound like it's a little premature, but it's becoming increasingly hard to ignore the mounting evidence that Microsoft isn't doing all that well in the software industry.

    The first beta of OS X 10.8.3 is out, and Apple's Dev Center asks developers to focus on AirPlay, AirPort, graphics, and Game Center. Build 12D32 is the one you're looking for if you're a registered Mac developer.

    The USB Fender Squire Strat that you can get on the US Apple online store but not the Australian one has been reviewed over at The Loop. The Squire's main drawcard is that it' can connect directly to iOS devices, and more importantly, doesn't feel and sound like a cheap guitar.

    Remember Chromebooks? TUAW has put the Chromebook up against the iPad and MacBook Air. The results are pretty predictable: the Chromebook is a respectable machine if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the MacBook Air or iPad, but otherwise falls down in a few key areas which make it unsuitable as an actual laptop replacement.

    And in the other corner, we have Macworld who compared Mountain Lion's dictation against Dragon Dictate. The conclusion is just about as you might expect: Mountain Lion's inbuilt dictation isn't bad, but Dragon Dictate is the one you want if you're serious about dictation on the Mac.

    Patently Apple says Apple had to acquire the Lightning trademark from Harley Davidson, who own the original trademark, which is protected until 2013. Harley Davidson still owns some rights, meaning both Apple and Harley Davidson will be able to use the term freely.

    I knew Apple were into translucent plastics in the 80s, but a translucent Macintosh SE was entirely unexpected. As it turns out Apple actually had a few prototypes of products that never saw the light of day, and for good reason I'm sure the Apple Paladin would have been an amazing machine, though.

    It seems that there is now an app to twist and dunk Oreos, so there's that. On the plus side, the Oreos app gives you information about each of the different kinds of Oreos and it's free.

    Rovio wants a billion active users daily, and it seems they're already well on the way. Every day people are bombarded with some kind of Angry Birds game, merchandise, or rip off but think about that for a second. If Angry Birds becomes on par with Coca-Cola in terms of brand engagement, what does that say about humanity? I'm totally serious.
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