• Bossjock Studio and iMic Cast

    One app that's been getting a lot of buzz recently is the Bossjock Studio for iPhone. Bossjock are marketing this as an app replacement for a radio production bench, cart and mixer, so I was intrigued to give it a spin. Does it live up to the hype?

    The Bossjock studio is surprisingly cool and intuitive to play with. I'll admit, when first shown it on twitter I dismissed the app as ugly. I try not to judge a book by it's cover, but often I've found when an app is really ugly to look at, that's a sign that other important details - like usability - are lacking too. But having played with the app, I wan't to take back those ugly remarks.

    Bossjock still ain't the prettiest app in the world, but the simple button style make the app easier to use and monitor. Recording with the app, you can just glance down and see exactly what elements are on, watch the monitor, slide you mic up or down, quickly tap a track, or end a recording. It's all very intuitive, and easy to do.

    I really love the idea of live recording and mixing. I find a recording with too many edits feels flat and robotic, and mixing your audio stings into a recording in real time makes publishing so much faster. Speaking of publishing, boss jock allows posting to FTP, Soundcloud, Dropbox, via iTunes or wifi sharing, allowing you to get your audio to listeners as quickly as possible. The boss jock can transcode the Aiff audio recording to m4a or mp3 on export.

    For $10.49, Bossjock is an amazing little app. It's well laid out, intuitive, and will make conference recordings a hell of a lot quicker and fun to do. My small list of complaints would be the app is not yet embiggened for iPhone 5s, and now the iPhone 5 has the headphone/mic jack on the bottom of the device, the iPhone version should work either way up.

    The guys at Bossjock say a universal app is in the works (as in, a free upgrade for iPads) and for sit down interviews, that will be amazing. It feels so natural sliding the mic up and letting boss jock lower the carts, it will be even better with the added real estate of an iPad screen.

    As a bonus, I've reviewed this with the iRig Mic Cast, a $49.95 tiny little add on microphone for your iPhone. The iRig works with boss jock software, allowing you to monitor the audio you're recording. I've been a big fan of the iRig iMic, the bigger brother microphone from iRig. The iRig Mic Cast doesn't sound as good as the iRig iMic, but for $49.95, it's a great little mic to have in your bag for recordings - for quick notes, minutes for meetings, recording lectures and the like, the iMic would be a fantastic little doodad. The sound it a lot better than you'd expect for the size, but there's no point writing about it, makes more sense to just listen. This piece was recorded this morning at a pretty loud cafe - the mic was good enough to knock out most of the background noise and just focus on my voice. It clipped a few times, but that was probably my fault, holding the mic too close.

    iRig iMic $84.95

    iRig MicCast $49.95


    Bossjock studio is $10.49


    And here's a short audio test of the iMic with bossjock

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