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    Howdy MacTalkers! Over the next two weeks, the writers of MacTalk will be publishing their ultimate nerdy gift guides for 2012. So keep an eye on the front page, and let MacTalk take some of the stress away from the Christmas shopping season.

    Gifts with an Apple logo

    If the current generation Apple TV were jailbreakbale, or if the current Apple TV OS had an App store - the Apple TV would be my ultimate Apple gift. "Here you go, this little black box turns your tv into a big arse iPad - which you can control from your regular iPad, enjoy!" That would be an excellent Christmas gift. Sadly, that hasn't happened, and trying to track down a jailbreakable Apple TV is too annoying, so lets think of other gifts. If you can afford one, an iPad mini would be the next best gift for a loved one. The $369 mini will be very popular this year I'm sure.

    Gifts for Family and Friends

    A decent, comfortable set of over the ear headphones are a great gift idea. I reviewed the Plattan's earlier this year, and think they'd make a great gift. They're pretty unique, gorgeous looking, and sound great too. Go Dark Grey for a subtle, go with anything look - but they come in many colours. You can pick them up from Myers for about $90, or online starting at $60.

    If you know someone with an iPad 2 or 3, get them a Product RED iPad Smart Case. They've probably already got an iPad Smart Cover, but it might be looking a little skanky these days. The Product RED Case looks great, and also helps AIDS research. The Product RED Smart Case is available only at Apple Stores and Online. RRP $59 For something a little classier, get them an Leather Smart Cover for their iPad, $79.

    For book nerds, get them a BookBook or Dodocase iPad covers. A bought a BookBook for a mate last year and he absolutely loves it. The leather ages really nicely too. The new Dodocase for iPad mini is adorable! Dodocases can only be ordered from their website, so order immediately if you'd like one shipped in time. BookBook cases are available from many Australian outlets.

    My favourite gadget without an Apple logo is my Amazon Kindle. At $139 rrp for Kindle Touch, this isn't a cheap gift, but something your mum, dad, or older sister might love. Kindles really shine in summer, when people have a few weeks off to read in the sun - so Christmas is the perfect time for a Kindle gift.

    Kris Kringle

    So the above are all flagship gifts. But what about crappy little Kris Kringle presents? I'm going to assume you're the fanboy of your group - so buy a gift that reflects that. First, a subscription to Pandora One or Spotify would make an excellent gift. 1 Year for Pandora access is just $36, whereas $35.97 will get you 3 months of Spotify.

    Still, as much as I love digital products, buying digital gifts is still kind of crappy. Some other Kris Kringle ideas are the Adonit Jot Pro - $39.95 from Streetwise, or this cool Retro Handset for iPhone. ($44.95) Pointless, but fun.

    One of my favourite little stores for gift ideas are Third Drawer Down. From here, you can get an iPhone telephoto lens, ($45) or the Gorgeous Areaware iPhone Dock ($55) but everything on that website is fantastic.

    So there's a bunch of gifts to get you started. Happy shopping!
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