• Thursday Morning News

    Apple's already delivered an impressive Maps update which brings turn-by-turn navigation to us Aussies, and now they're on the verge of delivering iTunes 11 by their revised November deadline, too. Sources say artists are being prepared for the launch of iTunes 11 in the coming days, which makes sense given that we're roughly a week away from the end of November.

    The Next Web reports a bug has been fixed in iOS 6 where stolen iPhones could still receive iMessages sent to the associated Apple ID. The bug existed in prior versions of iOS, and now users can replace their iPhones without having to worry about iMessages disappearing into the ether. Now if only there was a way to manually manage registered iPhones for FaceTime and iMessages, this issue wouldn't have happened in the first place.

    A new Apple patent describing an extensive journaling system for the iPhone aims to record metadata associated with every kind of event that is, this journaling system could record not only the time and date of a new app download, but also things such as location, too. And there's more: all this data will be made accessible to the user, so they can see exactly what they were doing at any given time.

    I've been looking for a nice iPad case for when my iPad mini with LTE arrives, and the VestGuard UK Ballistic iPad panel seems like a good candidate if I ever wanted to sacrifice an iPad to save my life. I mean, not that I get shot at on a daily basis or anything, but this ballistic panel can stop a bullet at the cost of severely damaging your iPad.

    There have been some great improvements to everyone's favourite media server Plex lately, and now you can add a new web UI to that list. And now there's also Plex Sync for Plex Pass members, a way for users to flag media for automatic conversion and download onto their iOS device.

    Everyone loves to hate on Skitch now that it's gone all Evernote-y, but Skitch co-founder Keith Lang has posted on the Evernote blog about the original acquisition story and how some features will be coming back to Skitch Mac. Namely, FTP support and short URLs will be coming back to Skitch in the very near future, with streamlined cropping and resizing tools coming back after that. But is it too little, too late, and have people already moved on?

    Apple brings home the turkey this Thanksgiving with the Supplemental Update 2.0 for OS X Mountain Lion, which fixes reliability with Keychain that could affect 2012 Macs. It's available directly via Apple's website, or via the App Store.

    I'm not exactly sure how today's Sparrow for iOS update has integrated Passbook support, but there is iPhone 5 support to look forward to if you don't use Passbook. Now available from the App Store.

    Apple's spaceship-like campus has been delayed until 2016 instead of 2015 like they originally planned, but that's okay. The delay is because they're working on the design much like they would for any product, which means lots of little iterations and extreme attention to detail.

    Two new Apple ads for your viewing this morning: Turkey shows off a software feature that focuses on the ease of sharing photos via Photo Stream, and Orchestra exhibits the hardware feature of active noise cancelling on the iPhone 5.
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