• Wednesday Morning News

    Early builds of the next version of OS X reportedly contain Siri and Maps integration, prompting further speculation that Apple are bringing even more iOS features back to the Mac. But here's the thing: I get that Apple work hard on iOS because it's so insanely popular, but how about thinking up some more original OS X features instead of just porting things across from the iOS platform?

    Apple's redesigned iMacs aren't delayed, according to 9to5Mac, and will be launching in November-December as originally planned. Previous reports said the machines would be delayed until 2013, but that just isn't the case.

    Boy Genius Report says Apple are prepping the next generation iPhone to launch in mid-2013, returning to a middle-year launch schedule instead of the September-October schedule they introduced with the iPhone 4S. Their source is also DigiTimes though, so I'd be taking this one with the requisite grain of salt.

    The new Facebook for iOS app has a new Photo Sync feature that can automatically upload all the photos taken on your iPhone to a private album. The feature's designed so you can more easily share photos seeing as they're already on Facebook, but I can't help but feel a little paranoid it's just another data-harvesting thing.

    Nokia has released their HERE maps app on iOS, and if anyone could have released a worse maps app to rival Apple's own, this would be it. The free app offers navigation, live traffic views, and satellite imagery as expected, but it falls short of Apple's Maps by not including vectorised maps and the same level of polish.

    MacStories has a look at the iPhone and iPad versions of the universal Evernote 5.0 for iOS. The faster interaction on each of the mobile platforms is definitely welcomed, but Viticci does note the lack of integration with other apps, possible performance issues, and more.

    Stephen Hackett posts about the Apple PiPP!N, apparently a games console Apple experimented with back in the mid 1990s. The Pippin ran System 7 and all that fun and games that brought along with it, and it was eventually discontinued just two years after release with the return of Steve Jobs to Apple.

    You hear it all the time from the cry of someone who's just lost all their iCloud contacts: Apple doesn't do web services! Justin Williams agrees, and says that if Apple don't start lifting their cloud game soon, then little green robots will start becoming more and more attractive.

    Back in the days of PowerPC, the 12-inch PowerBook was seen as the ultimate portable laptop. The 13" MacBook Pro followed soon after, but now we're getting close to the perfect MacBook, says MG Siegler.

    It's a sad day for two great podcasts: Marco Arment's Build and Analyze podcast will be ending on December 17th, and John Siracusa's Hypercritical will be ending at episode 100. I didn't listen to either of these podcasts, but I know many who do.
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