• iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter Kit

    In a world where technological advances are speeding us toward all sorts of contraptions and capabilities, one of the industries benefiting most from these new discoveries is health.

    High-tech medical inventions are migrating from testing laboratories into consumers’ laps, helping make chronic conditions more treatable and lives a little easier.

    One of Australia’s most common health afflictions is diabetes, a condition that requires a host of equipment for effective treatment and management. From insulin vials and syringes to testing strips and blood monitoring systems, the average diabetic has a lot of loot to haul on a daily basis. And that’s where Sanofi – a global manufacturer in diabetes care – is looking to provide solutions.

    The company recently launched its iBGStar blood glucose monitor – the first working blood glucose meter available to the consumer market that works in conjunction with an iPhone or iPod touch to record blood sugar levels, input data results and collate, manage and share this information with your GP, endocrinologist or family members.

    To use it, you first need to download Sanofi’s free iBGStar app, then connect the meter to the 30-pin dock at the bottom of your iDevice; the hardware will prompt the installed software to launch and guide you through a quick and easy setup.

    Once your levels are transferred from your meter to the app, you can input additional information, including whether the test was taken before or after a meal. All of the data will be stored on your device, ready to email or print.

    The iBGStar is very small compared to other blood glucose meters on the market, and can be kept clipped onto the end of your iDevice throughout the day if you so desire. Given that most diabetics test their blood sugar levels no less than four times daily, this is a welcome feature.

    One potential drawback is that the iBGStar will not connect directly to the iPhone 5’s Lightning dock. While you could still use the iBGStar with an iPhone 5 using a Lightning adapter, this defeats the purpose of its compact, mobile design.

    We used the iBGStar to test blood sugar levels four times a day for a one-week period, using it alongside an Accu-Chek Mobile glucose monitor to compare test results.

    The iBGStar performed well, and on par with the Accu-Chek Mobile. Test times were roughly the same, with each test taking a few seconds to generate results. The levels did not differ between the two meters.

    The iBGStar’s greatest advantage is that it eliminates the need for a hard-copy record book The paper system is archaic and limiting at best, and most record books have insufficient space for important information that correlates to blood sugar levels.

    We had no gripes using Sanofi’s iBGStar app; the interface is clean and easy to navigate, and works seamlessly between your iDevice and meter to ensure all results and added data are stored and ready for sharing.

    Overall, we found the greatest advantage of the iBGStar was its simplification of an otherwise bloated series of processes. The fact that Sanofi has introduced a streamlined system that saves time means users will benefit from the afforded convenience and freedom – both essential ingredients for healthy living.

    The iBGStar costs $99 and is available at most pharmacies or online at www.ibgstar.com.au

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