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    The first I heard of LYWD was on the MacTalk forum in this post about a new iPhone 4 case. Brilliant, I thought! I wanted a case for my iPhone 4 at the time, but not something bulky. It fitted the bill perfectly. Since then they've moved from the original aluminium skins to ones that are anodised in black, red, & even a gold one!

    It was about a month ago that I saw on twitter that there would be a new LEAF case tailored for the iPhone 5.

    A couple of hints later and I was starting to get an idea of what might be in store for the new case. Here we are now with the newly announced LEAF Pouch made from kangaroo leather (You can't get more Aussie than that!)

    I must admit that it took me a day or two to really get accustomed to the case. As you slide the phone in top first, you don't have access to the screen immediately like you normally would with most cases. For me, this is probably a good thing as I spend way too much time looking at my phone all day.

    There are 44 different combinations that you can choose when ordering a LEAF Pouch. That may sound like a lot, well, it is, but it's a good thing as you can really tailor the case to your preferences. The four LEAF colours are: Caramel Tan, Chocolate Brown (what I've been testing), Honey Whiskey, & Liquorice Back; while the cord comes in 5 colours (Orange, Red, Blue, White, & Black) as well as being able to select either gold or silver as the tube colour.

    If you decide to get one of the Pouches without the Loop Cord, don't be worried about your phone sliding out. It won't. The LEAF Pouch fits like a glove. From the website:

    During the design process we asked ourselves the question 'why can't a real leather pouch be super thin, durable and a perfect fit from day one, a fit that doesn't require the customer to stretch or break it in?' With these concerns in mind we opted for the labour-intensive route of steam-moulding each pouch by hand.
    While I'm still talking about the Loop Cord, if you do decide to get your LEAF Pouch with one, as well as securing your iPhone 5 even more, you can use the other end to secure unruly earphone cables. It's also places so as to still give you access to the Lightning and earphone ports.

    I really love the feel of the case in my hand. It's soft but I know that it will protect my phone from the small knocks and bumps that all phones go through on a daily basis. It slides in and out of you pocket easily for quick access and it's easy to slide the Loop Cord securing you iPhone 5 in place with you thumb.

    The attention to detail is amazing with the LEAF Pouch. It just feels right in my hand.

    At $69.95 it is more expensive than most cases that you are used to buying but this isn't a cheap case that you'll use for a couple of months and have to throw out because it's worn out and looks shit. The LEAF Pouch will age gracefully adding more character as it does so.


    • Thin.
    • Sexy.
    • Durable.
    • Sustainable (thanks Skippy).
    • Hand Made.


    • Access to the phone is slower than normal cases.
    • More expensive than run of the mill cases.

    LEAF Pouches are available online only at http://iamleaf.com. LYWD had made a conscious decision to sell directly to customers and cut out the middlemen. With so many cases made in bulk, and imported from overseas, it's good to see a quality hand made product available locally.

    I like being able to buy products directly from the people who make them. I think you get a much better service and you know that they really care about what they are selling you.

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