• Friday Morning News

    Apple has flipped a switch and delivered the TomTom style 3D navigation that also works with Siri, on the lockscreen, and in the background. From my limited testing it works well, and curiously, some users are reporting points of interest that were previously wrong have now been corrected coincidence, or something more?

    Apple usually know how to do a simultaneous worldwide product launch, but something is amiss with the launch of the LTE iPad mini. Retailers and even ordinary customers in the US have already started receiving their cellular iPad minis. Meanwhile, in Australia, we're still stuck on "processing items".

    Thieves have stolen $1.5 million worth of iPads from the same JFK Airport building used in the Goodfellas heist. It seems the pair broke into the building at night, loaded pallets of iPads onto a truck, and drove off (but not before leaving behind an additional two pallets after being challenged by an airport staffer).

    Pinch to zoom is great and all, but it's not exactly the best thing for motor-impaired users. A more accessibility-friendly way of zooming content could be to detect how far the user's face is away from the display and zoom the content appropriately, as detailed in a recent Apple patent.

    JBL has unveiled the first audio docks with a built-in Lightning connector. Belkin unveiled the first Lightning connector accessories a week or so ago, and now we've seen the first audio docks coming built-in. Soon it won't be long before Lightning connectors become more and more popular.

    Flipboard has partnered with Apple to launch some kind of iBooks discovery service. The partnership involves using the Flipboard app to browse the iBookstore library, and it mostly revolves around browsing the current collection of books available in the iBookstore you don't do any actual reading or buying from within Flipboard.

    TUAW has a short look at in: play, a music player that's entirely minimalist. The entire app revolves around text, and there's no graphics (except for play control icons) to be seen I guess that's one way of dealing with an iTunes library lacking in album art.

    Ben Brooks writes about stuff in iOS 6 that drives him nuts. Like, why is the App Store so slow and sluggish? And why does the iPhone beep like you have an incoming call when you just dismissed an incoming call?

    This week's cool Kickstarter thing is the Projecteo, a tiny slide projector for your Instagram photos. The company lets you select which of your Instagram shots you want made into tiny slides, makes those into an adorable photo wheels, which you then put into your tiny projector. It sounds like a fantastic idea, which is probably why it's already been funded on Kickstarter.

    There are many great Apple-related accessories on the internet, but today, the iPhone cake pan just about tops them all.
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