• Captured - A Skitch Replacement?

    It's been popular to heap on to Skitch lately. What was once a great app is now a shadow of its former self. Personally, I stopped using it ages ago, not because it sucked, but because I found something more suited to my needs, and it's called Captured.

    The main thing I used Skitch for was taking screenshots and adding notes to it, such as "fix this you idiot" or adding hundreds of arrows, highlighing things on screenshots. Captured came along and does pretty much that, with way less of a footprint.

    Captured is primarily a menu bar item, that intercepts your screenshots and can automagically upload them to various web services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Imgur and any old SFTP server.

    I love it for it's speed in uploading screenshots, with no extra steps. Beause it runs in the menu bar, just press the default Mac OS X screenshot keystroke, Cmd+Shift+4 (or Cmd+Shift+3) and whatever you snap is automatically uploaded to the internet and a URL copied to your clipboard. Perfect. It even integrates with bit.ly if you're into that.

    This is 99% of my Skitch use. The other 1% was adding notes and annotations. If you press Cmd+Shift+6, you get the usual screenshot cursor, but once you select the area, you can add annotations, before the shot is uploaded. So whilst Captured has this functionality, but it's a little weak. First of all, you can't resize the shot. You also can't add text, which is a big feature I would like. There's highlighting, like so:

    But it's not customisable. Neiter is the arrow, which can be often, hard to see:

    Changing the colour of the pencil is cool, but not it's thickness.

    Captured, primarily, is just for taking screenshots and uploading them super quickly - the annotation stuff is very much secondary. I like it for what it is, but it could be even better if the annotation feature could include adding text and customisable arrows. So it's not really a Skitch replacement, but more of an accessory to Skitch's annotation.
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