• Tuesday Morning News

    In news just in, Apple are planning to release an updated Mac mini alongside the iPad mini and 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display. It's unknown whether these machines will get their own segment during the keynote, but either way, we'll see the online store updated with new machines.

    Apple has hired an ex-Amazon executive to run the department in charge of Siri, according to AllThingsD. William Stasior is a guy who has had a lot to do with search, and he was previously in charge of Amazon's search and advertising unit *I'm sure he'll bring a lot of good ideas to the Siri team in the future.

    Apple has reduced its dependency on Samsung by reducing their A6 chip production. Samsung's relationship with Apple has been tenuous ever since that big lawsuit you might have heard about, and for the A6 chip, all Samsung were involved in was the actual manufacture, not the design nor architecture.

    Apple Retail stores are preparing to accept payment via Apple Store payment cards in Passbook. An update to their EasyPay system will bring the ability to scan Apple Store payment card codes, but some scanners will require a hardware upgrade in order to scan the screens of iPhones and iPod touches.

    I remember the days when we didn't have leaked photos of hardware, let alone apps. Yet that's exactly what has happened with Google's new iOS Maps app, which has been "leaked" via a few screenshots and blacked-out user interface elements.

    If you're wondering how Apple could bring a killer software feature to the iPad mini, wonder no more: TUAW reports textbooks will be the one focus of the Apple event on October 23rd, saying there's much more than just textbooks in the new iPad mini.

    Undercover 5 is described as Find My Mac on steroids, as reviewed by MacStories. Undercover takes photos, captures screenshots, and can record keystrokes. It's impressively feature-complete, and has everything you might need to get your Mac back from a would-be thief.

    Those looking elsewhere for a Skitch replacement might have come across Monosnap, a Mac app (with Windows, Android, and iOS versions coming soon) that looks to have many of Skitch's features including the annotations and editing features you've come to know and love. But it's just not the same, you know? I'll miss those fluorescent trademark arrow signs.

    Mac OS X Screencasts has an hour-long Hazel screencast that's perfect for getting up and running with one of the more advanced scripting tools around. The screencast has three chapters covering everything from installation and basics, all the way through to an intermediate and advanced level, and is available now for around $15.

    Cleartones are minimalist ringtones that remind me of some of the built-in ringtones that already come on your iPhone. Think of the chimes, glass, and similar acoustic sounds, and that's pretty much Cleartones *only instead of just a handful, there's a total of 200 Cleartones available for $30.
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