• Friday Morning News

    Apple's iPad mini is just around the corner, and The Verge has a summary post on the rumours so far. Features like a Lightning dock connector and an ultra thin design are already assumed, but what about a price and release date? Hopefully we'll see invitations to an iPad mini announcement event any day now.

    The circle of life for Apple products goes a little like this: Apple releases a new product, the press reviews it, and then iFixit tears it down. The fifth generation iPod touch is no exception to this rule, getting its internals bared for the whole world to see; it has an A5 processor (not the A6 as found in the new iPhone), and 512MB of RAM, unlike the 1GB found in the iPhone 5.

    Passbook has provided a huge boost to ticketing apps in the App Store, not because people flock to new technology, but because it greatly simplifies the entire ticketing process. This is exactly the kind of publicity Apple wants for their new retail initiative, and it's great to see Passbook catching on.

    The updated Apple Configurator now has better support for iOS 6 and support for configuring the Apple TV. Now you can control iMessage, Game Center, and iBookstore usage on devices, and you can even lock the devices to an app, much like iOS 6's Guided Access mode.

    Apple are investigating handwriting and selective touch recognition, but anyone who's used an iOS device to input Chinese will already realise it does a pretty good job. Apple's patent application on selective touch is interesting though, as it means iOS will ignore any extraneous input when using handwriting say, when you're resting your palm of the device when writing.

    Also in patent news is how Apple has been granted a much broader patent on slide to unlock. Now other slide-to-unlock implementations don't have to start from a predefined location, nor travel along a predefined path meaning slide-to-unlock implementations such as Google's could be found to be infringing.

    Marco Arment's new app out, and The Magazine (link opens iTunes) is touted to deliver great reads in the world of tech combined with "big picture articles", which I suppose is some kind of journalism-speak for "opinion pieces from people who know what they're talking about". Still, worth a look.

    I'm not sure how good an idea is that one McDonalds store is putting in iPads for customers to use while eating. I mean, at least it's not KFC or anything, but just imagining how greasy those iPads makes me somewhat queasy.

    If you have a few LEGO bricks handy, you can build your own iPhone 5 dock. Alternatively, you can buy the kit for about $20 Aussie pesos.

    Apple's new iPod TV ad is nothing short of good, old-fashioned fun. Bounce.
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