• Thursday Morning News

    The Verge has reviews of both the fifth generation iPod touch and the seventh generation iPod nano for your reading pleasure this morning. The new iPod touch is exactly like that new iPhone you might have heard about, only quite a bit thinner and the iPod nano? Well, that's like the small media player you've always wanted, only now with a home button that has a circle as an icon instead of a rounded square.

    News is the Retina 13" MacBook Pro is still on track for a Q4 release this year, meaning we will see a launch event sometime in the near future. The smart bet would be some kind of an announcement at the iPad mini event later this month, but maybe Apple will go the "silent Apple online store update" route for this one.

    Rumour has it the as-yet-unannounced iPad mini will only be available in a Wi-Fi version, but Gruber thinks differently, saying the smarter choice for Apple is to make LTE an option, just like on the current iPad.

    Lacie's Little Big Thunderbolt series of external hard drives have been updated to feature SATA III SSDs and read speeds of up to 635MB/s. The new Thunderbolt drives contain two 2.5" SSDs into a slightly-portable package, features dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining happy fun times, and comes in at around a $1000 for 1TB of storage. Plus, you even get a Thunderbolt cable in the box.

    We've heard a lot about Apple and carbon fiber in the past year or so, but nothing has really eventuated from all the rumours and patents. Now AppleInsider says Apple are looking into using carbon fiber in a completely different way than usual, but I'll believe it when I see it.

    If Apple's Lightning cable authentication chip has indeed been broken by third parties (read: Chinese manufacturers), then it's highly likely we'll see third-party cables in the market soon, says Ars Technica.

    ILounge goes hands-on with Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter, and it works just like you would expect: it doesn't do video output, but it will pass audio through just fine. Looks a little ridiculous on any iPod dock you might have, but hey you already knew that was going to be the case, right?

    Something weird is going on with iOS and Mac App Store review times: according to Shiny Development, it's taking 7 days for iOS apps to be approved* but over on the Mac, the review time is up to an average of 26 days. Macworld looks into the reason for the delay.

    Recall is a brand new app that reminds you about great iOS apps, and the developers describe it as an app for remembering recommendations. MacStories recommends it, but somewhat unusually, it's only available in the US App Store.

    Upgrading the first Mac Mini to support 4GB RAM is possible, but you'll need to update the firmware to do so, turning the MacMini1,1 into a MacMini2,1 in the process. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
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