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    Apple has been named the number 2 brand in the world, coming in second place to the almighty Coca-Cola. Apple leaped over quite a few competitors to get to number two, including the likes of Intel, McDonalds, Google, and Microsoft. Not bad for the most valuable publicly-traded company in the world.

    The Starbucks app now has Passbook support, and The Next Web says Starbucks' Passbook implementation is a model for other retailers to follow. Reading the review, it definitely seems as though the Starbucks pass has all the nicer Passbook features; it's truly exemplary of how Passbook should be done. Other retailers, are you listening?

    Speaking of which, Passbook hasn't been out all that long and yet, we're already seeing the likes of McDonalds, Airbnb, and Eventbrite offering Passbook support via their own apps. Early uptake from big companies is what Passbook really needs to take off for mass adoption, and it looks as though that's exactly what we're seeing here.

    Street View is now available in the Google Maps web app, and in combination with a set of instructions on how to run the Google Maps webapp fullscreen (and with the old icon, mind you), you'll be navigating the streets like you were actually there, and not as if a car just drove around taking pictures.

    An article from The Atlantic says Nokia might be the company to watch in the mapping space, as their maps are definitely better than Apple's and might even be better than Google's. But realistically, road knowledge is only half of the story: what about all the points of interest? How about someone just combines Nokia maps with Foursquare points of interest, and call it a day?

    Rumour has it that Bob Mansfield was offered an exorbitant amount of cash to stay at Apple to manage and advise the hardware team, somewhere in the vicinity of $2 million per month. AppleInsider says this was due to how other members of the hardware engineering team complained that Manfield's successor wasn't ready for the role.

    MacStories has a look at the iPhone 5 camera's new low-light boost mode, and they say it's awesome. Camera+ is the first third-party app that enables use of the increased sensitivity, and the results speak for themselves.

    Earlier this week someone discovered that Siri can now review movies, and now The Verge has collated a number of these reviews. Some of the reviews are pretty accurate for a robot, I mean and others still are downright bizarre.

    I know a certain shoe manufacturer that might be pretty upset if Joy Factory's Airmax case for the iPhone 5 ever gained some kind of popularity. The case itself isn't all that great, but props to Joy Factory for having the idea of air cushioning the iPhone.

    2048px lets you download fantastic wallpaper images for your retina display iPad, and now they're also letting you customise them, too. Their Homescreen FX lets you add custom effects and textures to any of their wallpapers, making for a truly personalised experience.
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