• Wednesday Morning News

    Hey, look! The Apple rumour-sphere kinda lost interest in the iPad mini for a little while because of the iPhone 5, but now it's back. In typical Apple product leak fashion, we now have parts that are reportedly from the iPad mini, including the digitizer, frame, and back housing assemblies. It's also rumoured we'll see an October announcement event any day now *but you already knew that, right?

    Data usage reduction/compression company Snappli are saying usage of iOS Maps is plummeting since the release of iOS 6, but what's actually going on here? Onavo (a Snappli competitor) crunched the numbers and worked out that Maps in iOS 6 uses 80% less data than before; such is the power of vector-based maps.

    I'd hate to see OS X and iOS go the way of Windows 8, but a more out-there rumour suggests Apple will be merging the two platforms as soon as next year, and not just in a "back to the Mac" way, either the new OS will be powered by a custom A6 chip. That's a pretty huge move that, thankfully, remains pure speculation at this point.

    A new product called the Lockitron promises to let you lock and unlock doors without having to use any NFC add-ons or any of that kind of business. Instead, the Lockitron attaches to your door and connects to your Wi-Fi network, where an app on your iPhone allows you to control the locking and unlocking of doors. Pretty cool.

    What we need is a better way for apps in iOS to communicate between each other, writes Matthew Panzarino from The Next Web. We've seen a few examples of this being implemented before (remember the x-callback-URL API?), but nothing widespread. Apple needs to step in and make this happen.

    Mountain Lion's Preview has a few cool tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to rearrange the pages in a PDF document, PDF annotations, and of course, the impressive ability to sign a PDF document using the iSight camera. Macworld has more.

    IMore has published an ultimate guide to Notification Center, including how to setup notifications to display on the lock screen, control which notifications appear in the Notification Center drop-down, and more.

    Forbes has published a collection of untold stories about Steve Jobs. Worth a read.

    A full recording of a Steve Jobs interview from 1983 has been discovered, which reveals the fact Steve envisioned the iPad for a full 27 years before it actually launched. Just imagine having that kind of vision and patience to launch a product not just a few years into the future, but a few decades.

    Siri in iOS 6 is much improved, and Macworld finds out exactly how much in a full day with Siri.
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