• Tuesday Morning News

    The entire Maps business is a pretty huge deal for Apple, and a lot has been said thus far about the series of events that lead up to Apple ditching Google's maps for their own, how Apple could have improved their maps before launch, and even how their maps will improve over time. In case you're wondering, this entire maps saga has cost Apple around $30 billion in market cap.

    Yesterday was supposed to be the day the 20GB free iCloud storage for previous MobileMe members was supposed to expire, but a quick check of my own device reveals Apple has extended my 25GB storage tier until 2050. Quite a few others have also reported the same bump is this just another error in the litany of so-so web services from Apple, or are we seeing some kind of apology for Maps, or even a pivot into a real Dropbox competitor?

    An issue in the US has iPhone 5 customers using mobile data while connected to Wi-Fi, and strangely enough, it's an issue that only seems to affect those with the CDMA iPhone 5, the same model we have in Australia. There's a thread in the forums that has a little more info on the subject.

    60 Mountain Lion Tips is a new book co-authored by Brett Terpstra and David Sparks. According to MacStories, it's a good book not only because it has lots of tips about Mountain Lion, but because it presents them using a number of screencasts and iBooks 2.0 features. What's more, it's just $6.99 in our local currency.

    Ars Technica had a chat with a few developers about GateKeeper, the new boss of what runs on your Mac. Developers are mostly positive about GateKeeper it's easy enough to turn of for those users that are sure they want to run unsigned apps, while still proving that little bit of extra security for new Mac users.

    Marco Arment writes about the iPad 1, an iPad that's more or less obsolete after just 19 months. The iPad 1 doesn't run iOS 6, a strange turn of events seeing the 3GS does albeit with lots of features disabled and the 3GS was released 9 months before the iPad 1. But before you shout "planned obsolescence", consider that Apple made a technical compromise two years ago by choosing to not include more RAM in the iPad 1, not because they are greedy today.

    Panic have released a piece of software called Burnside, but it's not really designed for public consumption. Burnside is used for interacting with tweets as if they were email, but be warned: you'll need to know a lot about mail server configuration.

    One app that is designed for moms and dads is Spectacle, yet another app to move and resize your windows with ease. It seems like a less-customisable version of Divvy, with predefined shortcuts for common window placements *but the difference is that Spectacle is open source.

    A post on OS X Daily shows you how to use Notes as a super clipboard to sync data between your Macs and iOS devices. Notes syncs automatically when you've got iCloud turned on, meaning that you can drag and drop images, text, and even files to have things synced between devices. Neat!

    Finally this morning, a secret about the aluminium keyboard that Apple doesn't tell you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to make myself a coffffeeeeee. Yessssh!
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