• Friday Morning News

    Just how good is the iPhone 5 display? Anandtech took a colorimeter to the iPhone 5 to find out, and they found the display to be amazingly accurate colour-wise, as well as producing some of the best numbers they've ever seen. The real question is: if this is just a standard panel from the likes of LG, what's stopping other smartphone manufacturers putting this kind of display in their smartphones, instead of the AMOLED variants they currently use?

    Apple has updated their own iPhone User Guide for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The iPhone User Guide has been available through the iBookstore since the release of iBooks, and now there's a handy guide to walk you through some iOS 6 you might have missed out on.

    Apple purchased fingerprint technology company AuthenTec earlier this year, and now AuthenTec says they'll be dropping all their customers that aren't Apple. Not exactly surprising, but there you go.

    A journalist at the Wall Street Journal is saying TV will be Apple's undoing, in that by failing to secure content deals from the content providers, Apple will begin a slow but steady decline. A decline, that some say, has already begun with Apple's new maps.

    Lex Friedman says Apple's strategy of centring apps that aren't optimised for the taller iPhone 5 display serves two purposes. One, it forces developers to updated their apps (the raised keyboard breaks a lot of muscle memory), and two, it encourages developers to think about how that extra space could be used.

    IOS 6 has a colourful status bar that changes colour with the app you're using. Some people think it represents an unnecessary change, fiddling for the sake of fiddling. But there's more to it than that: by changing the status bar to match the current app, the status bar becomes less of a distraction, and becomes an extension of the app's own interface. A black status bar serves another purpose entirely.

    Rogue Amoeba make great Mac apps, and they've done so for nearly ten years. Their tenth anniversary sale means some discounts for Mac apps such as the simple audio recorder Piezo, or the swiss army knife Audio Hijack Pro.

    John Carey of fiftyfootshadows has updated his website with iPhone 5 versions of some of his most popular wallpapers, including a few new ones to freshen up your home and lockscreens.

    The HiRise Stand is a new stand accessory from Twelve South that raises your iMac or Thunderbolt display, while also providing a neat little storage area for you to store keys, USB drives, or your wallet.

    For some reason, Apple's iPod Socks are one of the most coveted Apple accessories ever made. They're not just for iPods, but they also hold iPhones like a charm: which is why it's sad to see them removed from the online store, even though they were officially marked as EOL earlier this year. Vale, iPod Socks.
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