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    Maps rage rages on this morning, with John Gruber explaining some of the political reasons behind Apple's change to their own mapping system. But ordinary consumers couldn't care less about the cat-fight between Google and Apple, they just want their maps to work; Google is apparently working on a Maps app, and you'll be able to use Street View in the web app in a few weeks, too.

    IFixit's teardown of Apple's A6 chip has revealed the layout was done by hand, a big deal owing to the fact such a layout (as opposed to a computerised, software-based one) can have massive performance advantages. On the downside, it's extremely time consuming and much more expensive.

    A similar analysis of the Lightning cable teardown has revealed Lightning has a few smarts after all: authentication chips will prevent you from buying knockoff cables from shady internet websites for a little while yet, not to mention how the Lightning ports dynamically reassigns pins.

    It's been rumoured Apple will be sourcing carbon fiber parts for some new laptop, possibly to make a stronger, but lighter computer. What's more, Apple has ordered enough parts to be more than just "samples" in other words, they're seriously considering carbon fiber products.

    Misaligned text aside, now iPhones are rolling off the assembly line with reversed volume keys. What next? Maybe inverted home buttons? Reversed Lightning ports? Oh, wait, both of those would still work.

    A concept for a modular Mac Pro where you can swap out entire tiers of parts that you don't need is great and all, but lies firmly in the space of fantasy.

    Retinizer is an app that takes your non-Retina apps and makes them better-looking. It doesn't update custom graphics to be retina because that would be impossible, but it does vastly improve the text within non-retina apps.

    There's a new version of the Dropbox beta client for Mac that brings a redesigned menu, and MacStories has the hands-on. It looks pretty slick.

    Speaking of which, the new display set up in certain Apple Stores that promotes the iPhone 5 is pretty slick: two seven-foot-tall displays show off beauty shots of the iPhone 5, while two iPhones stand in front. But wait, there's more: they're wirelessly synchronised, and it looks very, very cool.

    The worst thing about the iPhone 5 is that there won't be a dock for it released from Apple *now, my iPhone 5 just flops around on my desk like a fish out of water. But if you have the time and the inclination to do so, it's not that hard to build your own.
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