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    Apple announced earlier today that iPhone 5 sales over the first weekend have topped five million. You'll remember that the first 24 hours of iPhone 5 pre-orders garnered Apple two million sales, so five million is still a pretty impressive number. What's more, over 100 million iOS devices have been upgraded to iOS 6 thus far: that's over a quarter of all iOS devices sold to date.

    Slow Wi-Fi also seems to be an issue plaguing some iPhone 5 devices, with Wi-Fi connectivity sometimes being slow or entirely non-responsive. No-one currently knows what the cause of such Wi-Fi issues is, or whether it's a hardware or software issue *but in the meantime, Apple are aware of the issue and working on a solution for those affected.

    IMore has a nice overview of the video camera in the iPhone 5. It was announced during the keynote that the iPhone 5's video camera could take still photos while recording video, and that seems to work as expected.

    Someone put together a neat little video of the iPhone 5 compared against the iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, and 2G. The video shows every iPhone shutting down, booting up, and loading a few webpages. Suprisingly, the iPhone 2G is faster than the 3G at pretty much everything.

    MobileMe customers were given an additional 20GB of storage when they migrated over to iCloud, and Apple has started notifying customers that time is coming to an end. Starting on the 30th of September, Apple will be downgrading those accounts back to the 5GB of storage a free iCloud account would normally have.

    Apple has agreed to meet with the Swiss Rail Firm over the stolen clock design, and it's expected Apple will be paying a large sum for the design, which is already on display in very prominent locations other than Swiss Rail stations.

    The Evernote Smart Notebook is part Moleskin, part smart app it's a hybrid that means you'll be able to easily digitise your analog notes. Snap a pic using the Evernote app, and that will be instantly uploaded to your Evernote account. It's a pretty cool idea, and Engadget has a hands-on.

    Apple has requested an additional $707 million in the Apple vs Samsung settlement, as well as the permanent ban on US sales of 29 Samsung devices. But Samsung wants a do-over they claim last month's proceedings were too compressed for such a complex case.

    In somewhat more obvious news, AppleInsider says the Lightning connector is viewed as a long-term investment for Apple. Well, yeah imagine the uproar if Apple changed the dock connector again.

    Your old Steve video for today features a surprising twist when Steve goes to demo iTunes' new Podcasts feature from 2005. The language is NSFW, but it's pretty funny.
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