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    For the record, the news was scheduled to publish a little earlier this morning, but then there were a few Apple updates which clogged the intertubes for a few hours. Anyway, on with the news...

    Quite a few software updates this morning, so we'll start with the biggest of all of them: iOS 6 is now released to the general public, which means a lot of iOS device owners will be upgrading to Apple's latest and greatest version of iOS thus far. If you're looking for a more traditional review, Macworld and The Next Web have you covered, giving you thorough run-downs on what's new and what's changed but both agree that Maps and Siri are the main features to get excited about.

    Look on the MacStories homepage, and you'll find that MacStories didn't publish anything yesterday literally, not a single thing and now I know why. It's (probably) because they were woking on an in-depth look at a few of the stand-out differences from iOS 6 that was less of a review, and more of a commentary on the state of things. They do have the usual "here's what you can do in Mail/Phone/Safari, but then there's also articles like the iOS 6 trilemma, as well as iOS 6 tips, tricks, and hidden features.

    Set aside your hate of the new Maps for just a few minutes, and watch this video by App Cubby, which shows off a few of the less desirable features of the new App Store app in iOS 6. It's great that the App Store app doesn't kick you out of the app when you're downloading an app, but the search is kinda messed up.

    The new Apple-powered Maps app is hit and miss, to put it lightly. Some users don't have issues with it, and others do. Anil Dash describes it as a worse experience for users, compounded by the fact Apple used their platform dominance to assert their own app over a more superior one. Even more puzzling is how Google has been utterly non-committal in releasing a standalone Maps app for iOS 6.

    It wouldn't be the release of a major iOS update without the requisite updates from Apple, and they've definitely delivered this time around: Podcasts, Find My iPhone, Keynote, GarageBand, Find My Friends, Cards, iPhoto, and iMovie were all updated with some pretty serious changelogs, with the rest of Apple's iOS apps also getting iOS 6 compatibility updates.

    And hey, let's not forget about the Mac whilst we're talking about updates: Apple also released OS X Lion 10.7.5, which brings Gatekeeper to the older OS in an official way. Meanwhile, Mountain Lion's 10.8.2 update features Facebook integration in much the same way Twitter integration currently works, as well as fixes for poor battery life.

    In a surprising move, Microsoft has updated Office 2011 for Mac, and this update is a big one, usability wise. It's the update that brings Retina display support to the Office suite, something Microsoft originally said wasn't coming any time soon.

    A big update to Growl, and version 2.0 comes with transparent Notification Center support in Mountain Lion, as well as Prowl and Boxcar support.

    Speaking of big updates, Skitch comes updated with new iOS versions and now, Skitch for iPhone as well as an all-new Mac client. The Mac version doesn't do sharing via FTP anymore, instead using the new Evernote sharing service, but you don't have to signup for an Evernote account to use it. On the plus side, there's syncing between all versions of Skitch.
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