• Monday Morning News

    Now the iPhone 5 pre-order madness of the weekend has calmed down and shipping dates have slipped to 2-3 weeks, we can all take a few minutes to read John Gruber's thoughts and observations regarding the iPhone 5 event. We can all look back at the plastic back of the iPhone 3G/3GS and laugh, but the crux of the matter is that the new metal-backed iPhone 5 is not only a lot less fragile than its glass-backed predecessor, but also a lot lighter.

    AnandTech did a little digging and found out Apple's new A6 processor in the iPhone 5 isn't based on ARM Coretex A15 cores as widely speculated, but is based entirely on Apple's own designs. It's Apple's first SoC to do so, and this is a big deal as it's likely we'll see more of this in the future with iPads, iPods, and even products like the Apple TV.

    The specs for the iPhone 5 have been leaked by someone entirely unexpected, and Samsung's own product guides have shown that 1GB of RAM is included in the iPhone 5, doubling the amount of RAM in the iPhone 4 and 4S.

    Incredibly detailed blueprints of the iPhone 5 design have also been unveiled by Apple themselves. The iPhone 5 dimensions PDF contains some detailed drawings and schematics, and is supposed to be accessible to developers only *however, it seems that Apple has mistakenly made it accessible to the public, too.

    The new camera in the iPhone 5 isn't just an evolution over the old, but has an all-new image processor which means it can be classified as "all-new". DPReview has a few comparison shots of the iPhone 5's camera versus the iPhone 4S, and the difference is pretty clear.

    Smartwatches are so close. We're probably on the verge of a smartwatch revolution which could happen practically any day now. Which is great, because The Verge makes the case Apple's new iPod nano is a move away from the smartwatch revolution. What's the deal with that iPod nano, anyway?

    The new Lightning connector is making news almost as much as the iPhone 5 is, mostly because there's been a few controversies surrounding it. A Lightning to 30 pin adapter won't be included in the iPhone 5 box (even though iLounge things Apple should include a Lightning adapter with every iPhone 5 purchase) , and Apple has complied with European law by offering a Lightning to Micro USB adapter.

    Admisdst all the iPhone 5 news and subsequent pre-order madness, Apple also updated the iCloud web interface with the new Notes and Reminders web apps, as well as the introduction of Lost Mode for your lost iOS device. MacStories takes us through all the new features.

    Macworld has posted their first-impressions of Apple's new EarPods earphones, and their conclusions are inline with what I've been reading from a few other sources. For a set of $35 headphones, they fit much better than the Apple earphones of old, and sound a little better, to boot.

    Fieldrunners 2 is now available for the iPad, which means you should stop reading this post and go buy it. It's one of the best tower defence games out there.

    You should read what Ars Technica think is missing from the iPhone 5. USB 3.0 makes the list, as does NFC and wireless charging.

    And just for a laugh, you should read how The Register's five reasons on why the iPhone 5 undermines western democracy. No, seriously.
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