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    Marco Arment has a go at predicting the specs of the unreleased iPad mini after he saw two suspect entries in the Instapaper web stats. The iPad2,5 and iPad2,6 are strange because the latest iPad is the iPad3,x having an iPad2,x that isn't the iPad 2 or the cheaper model introduced earlier this year is curious indeed, and suggests that the new iPad mini will have similar internals to the iPad 2 of old.

    Apple's iMac range is now overdue for an update, but those hanging out for a 27" Retina display to be included as part of the package will likely be disappointed. Two updated models of iMac have been outed thus far by analyst Kuo, a 21-inch model to be released late September, and a 27-inch model to be released in October. Why the gap between releases? According to Kuo, an all-new design is also in the works.

    A Vietnamese website has posted photos of what may be the next set of Apple earbuds, the default set that come with every iPhone and iPod. The new design retains the classic white colour, but features redesigned earbuds which are a combination of the current mesh earbuds and the current in-ear headphones.

    Adobe has posted on their blog about support for the Retina display in its software, and a blog post from them details exactly which apps will be getting Retina display compatibility over the coming months. Lightroom and Photoshop are the big ones to be updated, with almost every other app in the Creative Suite also being updated.

    MacRumors has put together a nice video of what the taller iPhone screen will look like in action, and what that will mean for your content. Their minute-long video shows how widescreen games will show you more content at any one time, and how apps will likely need updating to display more content in the taller form-factor.

    Apple has updated the App Store in the latest iOS 6 beta with a layout that's reminiscent of acquired app Chomp, with apps being featured in a tiled view rather than the list you're used to seeing on iPad or iPhone. 9to5Mac has a few photos and a video of this new interface, which may or may not be live once iOS 6 goes public later this year (soon, hopefully).

    Wired report on an app that's gaining notoriety because of its rejection: Drones+ is an app that repots on US unmanned drone strikes, optionally sending you a push message. Apple has rejected the app multiple times now, with the latest reason being that the content is "objectionable and crude".

    If you've ever searched for a popular app on the App Store, you'll know that unscrupulous developers frequently skirt the copyright infringement issue. News emerged last weekend that Apple were going to start rejecting App Store submissions if they have an icon that's a copy of another popular app, and now Apple has gone the whole hog and released an app infringement tool for developers to report if they feel their app has been infringed upon.

    Mountain Lion is running on one in every ten Macs, according to Chitika research. To put those kinds of numbers into perspective, OS X just overtook Windows Vista in OS marketshare (which, I thought, was already minuscule), whilst Windows 7 overtakes XP.

    Apple vs Samsung may be over *for now but Apple has asked the courts to block the sale of the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy SIII from sale in the US.

    An interesting read from the Verge, who say that Apple doesn't have a patent on pinch-to-zoom. But didn't Steve say "and boy, have we patented it" when he introduced multi-touch on stage in 2007? Well, yeah, but as it turns out, Apple's implementation of pinch-to-zoom is very specific.

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