• Apple Stops Funding the Australian Apple University Consortium Past Sept 2012

    For those that don't know, the AUC (Apple University Consortium) is a group that was funded by Apple (via EDU purchases) to support the promotion & use of Apple products in higher education. It's been operating for almost 3 decades, been of use to countless staff and students and generally a good presence to have around the place.

    I know in it's later years, the usefulness of the AUC may have been a bit less pronounced, but they ran some very useful programs, like iOS development courses, sending students and staff to WWDC and organising conferences for developers and uni staff to meet up and discuss the latest Apple things relevant to education.

    Just a few minutes ago, I saw on Twitter (thanks @parisba) that Apple is discontinuing funding for the AUC. A statement has been made by the AUC on their website: http://auc.edu.au/2012/09/auc-funding-to-be-withdrawn/

    Whilst there's no information as to why the funding has been discontinued by Apple, it will be very difficult for the AUC to go on without that funding, so it's effectively been killed. Why Apple decided to end this useful resource, I don't know. I hope an explanation is forthcoming soon
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