• Monday Morning News

    A bit more information on the mysterious reduction of Apple employees and the cutting of Apple Retail hours emerged over the weekend, and there's one man in the middle: John Browett, the current Senior VP of Retail. Browett thought that reducing employees in stores, even at the cost of the customer experience, would mean that Apple's bottom line would be improved. He was wrong, and Apple has since admitted their mistake.

    A vulnerability in iOS means that someone could theoretically spoof the reply-address of an SMS message, appearing to be someone they're not. Security researcher pod2g says this vulnerability has existed in every iOS version, including the latest iOS 6 beta *and an Apple comment on the matter points out how iMessage doesn't have this kind of vulnerability.

    Photos of Apple's supposed new dock connector have been revealed as part of yet another next-generation iPhone parts leak, and the new design seems a lot simpler than the previous, as well as being a lot smaller.

    An SEC filing has revealed exactly why Apple bought out security company AuthenTec, and Apple's future plans have a lot to do with AuthenTech's "new technology", says Ars Technica. AuthenTec make fingerprint scanners and the like, and it wouldn't be too surprising if their technology turned up in an Apple product near you sometime soon.

    The Wall Street Journal has shared more details about the upcoming Apple TV, and it looks like Apple are aiming for a smarter appliance in your home entertainment system, with the DVR-like Apple TV gaining cloud-enabled features.

    Those of you sick of the constant stream of news from the Apple vs Samsung court case can now rest easy, because that's all done and dusted. No more testimonies from expert witnesses and no more judges accusing the attorneys of smoking crack, because closing arguments have been and gone. Now there's just jury deliberation starting this week to look forward to, and then I guess we'll have the verdict.

    But wait, there's more! It'd be completely unlikely for a company as big a target as Apple to stay out of the courts for any period of time, and this time, they've been sued for allegedly infringing media playback patents dating back to 2002.

    Apple has seeded a new beta of the first update to Mountain Lion to developers. Build 12B17 of OS X 10.8.1 has no known issues, and is available from the Mac Dev Center.

    Australian developers Shifty Jelly (Pocket Weather AU, Pocketcasts, and their Mac app Australian Weather) have written a short blog post explaining how paid upgrades work on the App Store *or more accurately, how they don't.

    In bizzaro-world Apple news: an iPad was amongst the items stolen from Steve Jobs' house last week, and on Friday, police recovered the stolen iPad. It was, of all things, being used by a clown *and not just any clown, but a professional clown.
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