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    A fortnight ago, the lovely Mr Wells pointed out to me some of the finer technicalities of male and female ports and connectors. He said the male goes into the female, which is all well and good, but my point was that what happens if the male plug also has a female part, such as the current Apple dock connector? Then I came across this article from The Tech Block which explains it all rather succinctly. Fact is, Apple are improving the dock connector by making simple posts go into holes, and that's enough innuendo for one day, I think.

    An Apple patent suggests the company is looking into illuminated touchpads with varying colours and brightness, which could be used to provide visual feedback to users. Maybe Apple should just put an LCD below the touchpad, use that to display other information, and be done with it.

    It seems a lot of companies are updating their apps to be Retina-compatible, but Microsoft has decided that Office for Mac won't be supporting the Retina display any time soon. Poor form, Microsoft if graphics giant Adobe is making their software compatible, then so can you.

    Consumer Reports has found that Apple desktops are the least likely to need serious repairs. Consumer Reports put the question of desktop durability to over 8000 readers, with just 7% of Apple desktop owners reporting their machine needed serious repairs. AppleCare is still a good idea if you need the phone support, though.

    There was an issue affecting App Store search where searching "podcasts" or just "podcast" would only return one result for Apple's own Podcast app, but I'm not seeing it on my end either Apple has fixed this issue, or it was just those conspiracy theorists stirring up trouble once again. Probably the former.

    Apple has seeded a new build of OS X Lion to developers, and 10.7.5 build 11G36 comes just a week after the first 10.8.1 beta to developers. No known issues in this beta build, just like the last beta of the same release.

    Pinterest has launched their own iPad app after having an iPhone-only app for a while, and it's available in the App Store right now. Pinterest are also branching out, with plans to bring native apps to the Android and Kindle Fire.

    If you've upgraded to Mountain Lion and hate the iCloud documents in the cloud dialog box that comes up every time you open an app like TextEdit, The Mac Observer tell you how to disable that for good.

    The developers of free-to-play iOS title CSR Racing haven't spent a cent on marketing, and even though I've never heard of this particular 3D racer before, it's apparently raking in $12 million per month. Maybe this in-app-purchase thing can be profitable, after all.

    If you missed it, there's a cool picture which uses the gyro in your iPhone or iPad to provide you with a 360-degree of the surface of Mars. Pretty impressive stuff.
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