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    The last six weeks here at MacTalk have been such an amazing experience. The front page is full of interesting articles and reviews, people seem to love the Twitter account again, and the forums are more active than they've been in months. I really wan't to thank everyone in the greater MacTalk community for your support!

    There's still room for improvement of course, and one place is the front page. I'm looking for new writers to join the MacTalk family - I need two semi-regular writers and a bunch of Apple experts.

    Fortnightly Writers

    Join James Croft, Athol Hill, Benny Ling, Anthony Agius, Toby Nieboer, Jonathan Nalder, Remy Numa, and myself as a fortnightly MacTalk writer. We realise everyone is busy, we all have jobs, study or family commitments - so we've developed a fortnightly roster for the front page so no one need over commit. If you think you'd like to write one article per fortnight, let me know. We still have two places left to fill.


    I would also love to compliment these articles and Benny's daily news with columns and opinion pieces from experts in their field. Do you know your way around Profile Manager? Know the best way to integrate Macs in an Active Directory world? Have you started a bar brawl defending Logic over ProTools or FCP X over Premiere? Then I want your opinions!

    Why Write For MacTalk?

    MacTalk gets a crazy amount of traffic daily. I guarantee a post of the front page of MacTalk will get far more views than a post on your blog. But to help boost traffic to your own blog, business or Twitter account, I want to encourage every contributor to include a full bio on their articles. You help fill the front page with interesting content, we help people find you, and together we help educate, inform and entertain this great little community.

    So if you'd like to write for MacTalk, please, let me know in the comments or send me an email - peter@mactalk.com.au
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