• Thursday Morning News

    Now that pretty much all the parts of the next iPhone have been leaked, the Apple blogosphere turns its attention towards the new iPad mini. MacRumors has a nice summary post of what's what, including speculation from various sites that describes how the iPad mini will look and possible renders.

    It wouldn't be complete with a John Gruber analysis of the whole situation, and in his second post on the matter, Gruber nails down a few more aspects of the smaller iPad. Have we already seen iPad mini part leaks? And where will this iPad mini fit into the tablet landscape, anyway?

    Apple has been granted a patent for in-cell touchscreen technology, the same tech that's supposed to be included in the next iPhone, making it thinner than ever before. The patent contains 85 different claims with 107 different diagrams, was filed back in June 2007, which should give you an idea of how long Apple's had this in the pipeline.

    Also in patent-land is Apple's ideas for a DVR and television interface from a patent dating back to 2006, which suggest that some kind of UI overlay could be used as the interface for a DVR-like device…

    …Which kinda sounds like the oft-rumoured but never-proved iTV that you occasionally hear about. The thing is, sources such as The Wall Street Journal and The Next Web say that Apple aren't building a television any more, but a box that controls your cable, alongside allowing you to watch your own content.

    I guess that's that, with Korean carriers all but confirming the next iPhone will feature LTE. Negotionations for Apple to support Korean LTE is good news for Australians though, as it seems Korean telecos run their LTE networks on the same frequencies Telstra and Optus do.

    If you're already looking to upgrade the internal storage of your MacBook Pro with Retina display, you're in luck: OWC will start to ship their Retina MacBook Pro SSD modules next week. The enclosure that you might have used for your old drive won't be available until the end of the year, though.

    Steam launched on the Mac more than two years ago, and now, EA's similar, downloadable-content online-store gizmo called Origin is also coming to the Mac. The bad news is that you'll have to wait until sometime later this year, but the good news is that you'll be able to play the latest SimCity when it arrives.

    The Apple vs Samsung trial rages on, with Samsung saying it patented the iPhone's best features before Apple did. Samsung claim they patented things such as playing music while performing other tasks, bookmarking the last viewed photo for easy retrieval, and even sending pictures as an email attachment, according to Ars.

    Judge Koh has asked both the CEOs of both parties to meet one more time before the case goes to jury, saying that if all the companies wanted to do was raise awareness of intellectual property, then "mission accomplished". The end is in sight, ladies and gentlemen.
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