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    At this point it's pretty safe to say the next iPhone will have a bigger display, and following a new parts leak, we've now got the home button, sensors, volume control buttons, SIM card tray, and some kind of protective backing for the display.

    Ars Technica says iOS may be the most popular gaming platform of all time, according to data from Asymco. "The raw sales figures alone put the iOS platform itself far beyond any dedicated gaming platform,", reports Ars, citing 130 million Game Center users —*compare that to the Nintendo DS's 150 million sales and factor in the number of games that don't have Game Center integration, and you've got a pretty impressive user base of gamers.

    Also from Ars this morning is anecdotal evidence suggesting Mountain Lion may be draining batteries faster than expected. Their investigation suggests that even though the reported capacity hasn't changed, the rate at which the batteries is depleting is noticeably faster, with some users getting half the battery life they used to.

    Pixelmator 2.1 has been released, and it's a pretty big update: Retina graphics has been added, as has support for Mountain Lion, iCloud document support, and the update even comes with a few new effects for good measure. Not to mention, it's currently on sale for $16 on our local Mac App Store, a bargain for an app that usually costs over $60.

    Remember Things? Their cloud syncing solution is now out of beta testing, and they're rolling it out to all Things users as of right now. They've updated all their apps — Mac, iPhone, and iPad — to suit, and you can now sync your Things across all your Apple devices.

    News reader Pulse started life on the iPad and then made its way to the iPhone, and Android, and now it's available on your Mac, too. Not in the way that you might think (as a native app), but instead, Pulse on the desktop is a fully-fledged web app.

    Apple kicked up a fuss when they started replacing the perfectly-fine Phillips screws with pentalobe ones, and if this leaked photo of a new screw with an asymmetric head is anything to go by, the internet will be intolerable for days.

    IMore has a post on X11 and the disturbing trend of Apple removing functionality from OS X. It's something you've probably noticed if you've upgraded to Mountain Lion —*features like Save As… have been added back in, yes, but it's the other features like the iCal Calendar debug menu that have been silently removed that I'm worried about.

    With Starbucks in the US now accepting Square as a payment system and companies such as PayPal releasing accessories like the Here locally, it's time for mobile payments to explode in a big way. ILounge has an editorial post on the future of iWallet and mobile payments on iOS.

    Want to get your distraught chicken laying eggs again? There's, almost unbelievably, an app for that. Or a video of other chickens, at least, which prompted Maia the pet chicken to start laying eggs again.
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