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    Wired has the full report on what happened with Mat Honan's iCloud account, including details of how it was compromised through social engineering, allowing the hackers to gain access to much of Honan's online life. What's really scary about this is how the strongest password in the world wouldn't have helped in this situation, and that's what gets me.

    A Pinterest rival called The Fancy is reportedly in acquisition talks with Apple, according to Business Insider. The Fancy is smaller than Pinterest, but already has a business plan and if the acquisition goes through, Apple might have a social network to call their own.

    Photos of the new SIM card tray of the next-generation iPhone points towards yet another SIM card form factor, the nano-SIM standard we saw earlier this year. The new tray is slightly smaller than the current one, but you have to wonder: when does a SIM card get too small for you to bother with?

    Susan Kare, the same one that now has wallpapers available on Poolga, is being called to testify in the Apple vs Samsung trial. The famed UI and graphic designer will be called to the stand to point out similarities between Apple and Samsung phones.

    The founder of Information Architects has praised the Mountain Lion file system, where documents are stored on a per-app basis rather than lumped together in the Finder. He says having to think about what to do with files stops him being productive, and on one level, I'm inclined to agree.

    Macworld takes a look at the best music identification apps available on iOS. There's the original Shazam, and newer apps like SoundHound, MusicID, and MusicDNA ID, but which of these apps is the best at identifying music?

    I've always wondered why Apple hasn't switched to the newer-style preference panes, where instead of displaying tabs at the top, the various options are categorised and displayed via a navigation sidebar, like every other Apple app ever. Looks like Mountain Lion is changing that, if the updated Accessibility preference pane is anything to go by.

    Speaking of Mountain Lion tips and tricks, there's a few Mountain Lion support documents over at the Apple Support website ready for your perusal.

    If you like sharing files with Dropbox but wish it could be easier and involve less steps, Droplings could be the app that you are looking for. Currently in beta, and free.

    Want to edit your Mac's hosts file without using a command-line text editor? There's a preference pane for that.
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