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    The Apple vs. Samsung trial is well underway, and there's quite a few interesting tidbits popping up as a result of Apple VPs taking the stand; Phil Schiller has already declined to comment about the next iPhone and said that Samsung devices are confusing, and Scott Forstall told the court how he started his very own "Fight Club" at Apple when work on the iPhone began.

    One of the more interesting points about Forstall's testimony is the part where he mentioned how Steve Jobs was "very receptive" to the idea of a 7-inch iPad, as revealed by an internal email from Eddy Cue to Tim Cook, himself, and Phil Schiller, which contradicts what Steve has previously said in the past regarding 7-inch iPad competitors (you'll remember the "sandpaper" quote).

    Former Apple designer Douglas Satzger says there were prototypes of a curved-glass iPhone that were ultimately passed on because of cost concerns. As it turns out, shaping the glass proved too exorbitant for the technology at the time.

    Here I thought we had heard everything there was to hear about the original iPhone thanks to testimony in court, and yet I missed this little snippet by Sir Jonathan Ive when he spoke at the British Embassy's Creative Summit earlier last week, where he said Apple nearly shelved the iPhone due to fundamental problems (in this case, the problem of accidental touch-screen activation while on a call). The same problem that caused issues with a certain version of iOS, if you remember.

    If you've installed Mountain Lion and feel that it's more responsive than Lion ever was, it's not just you: Ars Technica details some of the graphics performance improvements that mean Mountain Lion is perceptibly faster, even doing the most basic of tasks.

    The much-vaunted return of "Save As…" in Mountain Lion comes with a show-stopping, deal-breaking caveat: the Save As functionality works, but it also automatically saves your changes over the original version of the document.

    Apple is making changes to the retail store Genius Bar in order to improve the customer experience as well as the employee one, and they're starting with an updated AppleConnect app.

    Dan Chung is proving that you don't need the best Canon DSLR and fastest glass in order to capture the Olympics, because he's doing it with is a pair of binoculars, a clip-on lens, an iPhone, and a few well-chosen apps.

    Panic's CandyBar has been updated for Mountain Lion, and the good news is that it's now free (and unsupported). Also, it's now over at the IconFactory.

    TwelveSouth's BackPack 2 stores more than just a hard drive behind your iMac, because the latest version of the back-mounted accessory comes with two support pegs, allowing you to store things like a MacBook Air there.

    A few miscellaneous Mountain Lion tips and tricks that you might not have come across yet, courtesy of 9to5Mac.

    Last week the newly-formed FireMonkeys revealed their first title, and Real Racing 3 looks like a whole lot of fun.
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