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    Apple announced their Q3 2012 results earlier this morning, and the numbers are pretty much as expected: $35 billion in revenue, with 26 million iPhones, 17 million iPads, and 4 million Macs sold. MacStories has an entire post of tidbits you can go through, including the Q and A session following the main announcement.

    A Chinese analyst has posted about three rumours set for September: Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will be releasing an updated 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display in that timeframe, along with an updated iMac (but sans retina display). What's more, he's also saying an all-new iPod touch and iPod nano will also be revealed in September. And this guy also has predictions about the iOS side of things, saying a tweaked iPad and a smaller iPad will be closely following the launch of the next-generation iPhone.

    Mail is one of those apps that gets updated with every major release of OS X, and Mountain Lion is no exception. Even though Mail doesn't get the large UI overhaul it received last time around, there are a few niceties and refinements in Mail that make it the great alternative to Sparrow you've been looking for.

    Hey, internet: it's okay that the new iPhone will come with a redesigned, smaller dock connector, because Apple will be providing an adapter, just like they have done for the redesigned MagSafe connector. No need to throw away all your accessories.

    A job posting at Microsoft has hinted about the existence of Outlook and Powerpoint for iOS, which possibly means other apps are either being developed or at least in the pipeline. Microsoft have been secretly coy about Office on iOS, and at this stage, no-one really knows if or when it will be released.

    Carbon Copy Cloner used to be free, but no longer: Mike Bombich has priced the app at $39.99, and it's currently on sale for $29.95 until August. That said, Carbon Copy Cloner was recently updated for Mountain Lion compatibility, and it is an indispensable piece of software for many.

    Apple confirmed they will be releasing Mountain Lion tomorrow for $20.99 in our local, and if you need to find out which of your apps are compatible and which aren't, RoaringApps has you covered.

    With this renewed interest in Flickr now that a former Google exec is running Yahoo!, iLounge has a look at a few of the Flickr apps available on the iPad, and Adobe Revel.

    In 1997, something called the MacAdvocate CD-ROM was released, and recently, Dan Frommer unearthed one of his copies. According to The Verge, there's some serious propaganda-level content on there.

    Continuing the recent trend of using celebrities interacting with Siri in ads, Apple released a new Siri ad with Martin Scorsese in the back of a cab.
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