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    An Australian judge has called the Samsung's latest lawsuit against Apple "ridiculous", and says the latest lawsuit, where Samsung claims Apple has infringed on their patents covering data transmission over 3G, might be better settled in mediation, instead of in the courts.

    Apple's fix for the in-app-purchase flaw on iOS seems to have worked, and now the Russian developer behind the exploits has turned his attention to the Mac. The Mac version of the flaw is still vulnerable to the exploit, claiming "it's good that OS X is open."

    When does a rumour become confirmed? Note: it's not when Reuters says it is, it's when Apple release an iPhone with whatever they're claiming. In any case, I think we've heard enough about the smaller dock connector and relocated headphone jack to accept it as truth by now, don't you?

    Mountain Lion has been distributed to AppleCare reps ahead of the official launch, which surely isn't that far away: I mean, there aren't that many days in July left.

    AppleInsider is doing a great series on some of the new features and apps you'll find in Mountain Lion, and one of the latest shows off how Calendar (see ya later, iCal) and the new Reminders apps offer smart search and location-based alerts.

    The company behind the ZFS on OS X project, Ten's Complement, were recently acquired by GreenBytes, an enterprise storage company. But a GreenBytes sponsor has said that ZFS on OS X is safe: unlike some other acquisitions we've seen this week, it'll continue to be actively worked on.

    Surely Australians aren't in a unique position in that we only like weather apps that pull data from our local Bureau of Meterology? It's a shame, all these minimal, gesture-driven weather apps (like Solar for iPhone) that don't use local data.

    Ars Technica reviews the iCade Mobile, from the same company that built the iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad. The Mobile is designed for, uh, your mobile, and it adds hardware buttons to iPhone gaming *but it's not without flaws, as the review details.

    A tip from OS X daily to hide anything in your ~/Library folder, as apparently, it isn't indexed by Spotlight. nor usually visible unless you explicitly access the Library folder.

    Want some fantastic new wallpapers for your retina iPad? 2048px has all the pixels you're looking for, and then some.
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    Extend desktop with dual monitors

    Hi all,

    I currently have a 32" Viewsonic (model VX3276-2K) monitor connected to my 2018 Mac Mini via DisplayPort to USBC/Thunderbolt.

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