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    Holy talent acquisitions, batman: Sparrow was acquired by Google, which led to mass outrage when people learned there wouldn't be any more features coming to the Mac or iPhone versions. The notice on the Sparrow homepage says Dom Leca and co are going on to "accomplish a bigger vision" at Google, which I give them full credit for, but it kinda blows that one of the best Mac email clients is now dead in the water.

    Someone at Apple flipped at switch, and now iTunes Movies in the Cloud is now live for Australia and a few other international markets. The switch-flipping means you can now download whatever movies you've purchased from the iTunes Store again on whatever device you own. Great if you, like Pete from the MacTalk podcast, want that copy of Mean Girls wherever you are.

    Qantas are replacing their in-flight entertainment system with iPads on Boeing 767 flights, swapping out those janky television screens with iPads with access to Qantas' Q Streaming program. It looks like iPads are making a difference in the airline industry, both in the cockpit and in the cabin.

    In an unprecedented move, Apple has given developers access to a private API in order to combat the flaw in the in-app-purchase scheme, and has promised a fix in iOS 6. The flaw works because Apple doesn't associate in-app-purchases with an identity, or even with a specific device, and is definitely something Apple are looking into.

    What's more, the same in-app-purchase flaw has been proven just as successful on the Mac, with in-app-purchases of Mac App Store apps also at risk. A small modification of the original exploit, and presto: free in-app-purchases for anyone.

    The iPad USB power adapter supplies 10W to the iPad for faster charging, but what if normal USB ports supplied ten times that? A proposed update to the standard USB spec called USB Power Delivery adds two pins to a normal USB port, but how about charging your MacBook Pro off of a portable hard drive?

    Mountain Lion is coming, so here's the skinny on iCloud's Documents in the Cloud and how it works for you, courtesy of AppleInsider.

    Your Kickstarter project for the day is the GameDock, an iOS accessory that turns your iOS device into one of the old-school consoles of old.

    It's been a while since we've seen a webapp around these parts, but Sun is a simple iOS weather webapp that requires no Apple ID, and can be installed just by visiting the website on your mobile device.

    Sebastiaan de With has put up a really nice, detailed article on his app, doubleTwist Alarm, and the Android development process. He answers the question of "why something as inane as an alarm clock app?", but there's just one thing I don't get: why isn't this app available on iOS?

    Bang & Olufsen has unveiled their Playmaker, a device that bridges any of their speakers to any AirPlay or DLNA-compatible stream for wireless audio goodness. Just don't ask about the price: if you don't need DLNA, the AirPort Express is just as good a choice.

    BGR has posted up the truth about Siri: something that features a great natural language parser and heaps of extra functionality and system-wide integration is no mean feat, and represents a step forwards for technology.
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