• Cooking with MacTalk | Hangover Cure Bacon and Egg Rolls

    One of my favourite old features of MacTalk was the Cooking with Exo series. I thought it was about time to bring it back, so hereís the first post in the return of Cooking with MacTalk.

    First up, I thought Iíd go for something simple, the Hangover Cure Bacon and Egg Roll.

    Youíll need

    • Bacon
    • Eggs (Free Range Ė Cruelty Eggs Taste Awful)
    • Fresh Crusty Rolls (I like Rosetta Rolls)
    • Real Mayonnaise (Anything with Whole Egg on the label, I prefer either S&W or Thomy)
    • Nandoís Hot Chili Sauce
    • Sliced Colby Cheese
    • Tomato
    • Baby Spinach Leaves
    • Olive Oil

    Start by grilling the bacon. Grilling allows some of the fat to drain away and bacon tends to crisp up better under the grill too, and we want damn crispy bacon. Pre-heat the grill so you get nice little sear marks on the bacon.

    Cover a thin base pan with a splash of olive oil, and put it on a low heat. The biggest mistake people make with eggs is to cook them on too high a heat. Iím using those little egg ringy things because Iím cooking two eggs, and I want to keep them separated, but itís not necessary, so donít worry if the eggs escape the rings. ☺

    Slice the tomato. I like 2 wafer thin slices per roll.

    If youíre cooking the bacon on a high heat and the eggs on a low heat, they should both be done in around 5-8 minutes.

    Turn the bacon once after around 2-3 minutes. You want the bacon rind crispy, with the back bacon still a little chewy.

    You want the egg whites cooked through, but the yolk to still be runny.

    While the egg whites are still a little translucent, grill the base of the roll. When its golden brown, cover the base in your whole egg mayo and a few drops of the Per-Peri sauce.

    Now mix into a Peri-peri mayo blend!

    Place the cheese on the top part of the roll and grill that too. Your bacon and eggs should be just about cooked by this point.

    Assemble the roll with baby spinach leaves, the sliced tomatos, egg, then top with the crispy bacon.

    A perfectly cooked egg will result in yolk drops on your plate as you eat. Mop them up with the roll as you go!

    If that doesnít cure your hangover, itís time to start drinking again.
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