• Wednesday Morning News

    The rumour of updated MacBook Pros with retina displays also extends to desktop machines, according to ABC News. Joanna Stern says their own sources back up the rumour, adding that iMacs will also be getting very, very high resolution displays. MacRumors speculates the 21-inch iMac could possibly be bumped up to a 3840x2160, with the 27-inch iMac coming in at 5120x2880.

    Apple has updated Leopard with a tool to remove Flashback malware. Later version of OS X have already been updated with the removal tools, but it's good to see Apple still updating older versions of OS X.

    Sparrow for iOS has been updated, adding new message navigation gestures and the ability to edit and create folders and labels, as well as a landscape composing mode. The update on the Sparrow blog also has news about push, which Apple has confirmed won't be making in into Sparrow anytime soon, nevertheless, it's expected to make its way into a future update as a paid subscription.

    With Flashback making news just a few short weeks ago, and for some Mac users, that may be reason enough to start running for the nearest antivirus suite. Ars Technica goes hands-on with a few of the most popular antivirus apps for the Mac.

    Sadder news this morning as the developers of Perian begin to shut up shop. A message posted to the Perian website says that Perian will soon be retired, with the developers not supporting the much-loved preference pane starting 90 days after the last release, due out in the future.

    Even if you don't move to iCloud for whatever reason, Apple has now stated that your MobileMe email will still be accessible even after MobileMe is all but dead and gone. It means you'll only be able to access your MobileMe email via the web client, but for some, that may just be enough.

    On the surface, iTunes Match seems like a good solution to our ever-growing music libraries: who doesn't want all their music with them, all the time? But the thing is, if you're travelling with iTunes Match and have limited data coverage, it basically means you're stuck with the music you have on your device.

    Ever wanted to change the text size in Safari on your iPad or iPhone? There's a bookmarklet for that.

    Free-to-play is one of those things that's so hard to get right, and yet, NimbleBit is one of those iOS development companies that manages to do it again and again, as explained by TouchArcade.

    One of the reasons why Apple is so great is that their employees are great. But don't just hear it from me, hear it from Steve Jobs, who talks about the payoff of a great employee.

    Diablo III was released yesterday, and the simultaneous Mac release means that Mac gamers aren't left in the dark. For those that can't run the newest graphics, there's always classic games like the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, available now on the Mac via SteamPlay.

    Today's image of the Apple Store in the Louvre from Johannes Heuckeroth.
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