• Monday Morning Views

    Man, I don't even know where to start with these Apple television rumours. There's one that says it will include Siri and a camera that tracks your face for FaceTime calls, another that says Apple are interested in acquiring German television makers Loewe. Perhaps the most telling of all rumours is the one where Foxconn chairman Terry Gou says his company is preparing for something called the iTV, even though development and manufacturing are yet to begin.

    Speaking of Foxconn, it's alleged they're the ones manufacturing a new 7-inch iPad, set to launch in August. Not only that, but Pegatron are saying they've received orders for a new iPhone, set to launch in September. No details on the iPhone, nor the new 7-inch iPad, so take these rumours with the requisite grain of salt.

    A small-time component website has leaked what is reported to be the headphone jack and earpiece assembly of the new iPhone. If the leaked part is real, it represents a change in the internal design for the iPhone *something which may very well mean a new external design, too.

    But enough about new products, the really big news is in the fact that Apple quietly updated icons in the latest Lion update, to the new HiDPI mode. TextEdit's icon has been enlarged to 1024x1024, or 512x512 points even more evidence for retina display Macs in the future.

    A beta version of iCloud has been revealed, and an eagle-eyed developer was quick to point out a JavaScript file that referenced iOS 6. Looks like the ol' bait and switch from Apple (or just an elaborate cover scheme): reveal a beta iCloud website in order to hide the much more exciting iOS 6 beta.

    And on that note, what an exciting beta it will be. We haven't heard much about iOS 6 thus far, but what we have heard strongly suggests that Apple will drop Google Maps in favour of their own in-house solution, reportedly equipped with a mind-blowing 3D mode.

    I've long been a fan of Incase products based on the quality and attention to detail, but even I'm a little skeptical of the design of their Box Case. It's shaped like a box. It makes your iPhone look like a box.

    Weather 2x is a new weather app for iPhone and iPad that features fantastic design, subtle animations, and pixel-perfect layouts. Out of the many weather apps available on iOS, this has to be one of the best on looks alone.

    GIMP 2.8 was recently released with a major facelift and a single-window UI, but I'm doubtful how much easier that will make it to use. Ars Technica have a more open-minded overview.

    John Carey from fiftyfootshadows says the iPad isn't his laptop, and it's because the apps just aren't there. He says that there are great apps, yet, but a few specific roadblocks that mean he isn't leaving his laptop at home anytime soon.

    Brett Terpstra is a man who takes his Markdown writing apps quite seriously, if his ultimate Markdown editor wishlist is to be trusted. It's perhaps the most comprehensive list, enough to make any plain-text user cry over their syntax.

    Finally this morning, Fast Company reveals their lost Steve Jobs tapes, taped interviews from the part of Steve Jobs' life that we don't know that much about: the middle. We know about the man when he was at Apple (both times), but not much about when he was doing things with Pixar and NeXT.

    Oh, I'm starting a new thing where I'll feature a few images of Apple Stores as the header image for news posts. Today's image of the Michigan Avenue Apple Store in Chicago at night via Charles Dastodd.
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